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My (bad) York RWYB times...

Superb day out at York. Had 5 very enjoyable but utterly crap runs (see times below). Thats the first time Ive been to a RWYB and I would totally recommend it to anyone who isnt sure. I found the launches tricky and only beat the XR2 and Daipac. I reckon its easier racing against an identical car to your own as you can use them to pace your self against. Definitely doing that again some time....after my new project on the car is complete.... :devilish:

15.853 vs. Daipacs 172 / 16.002 vs. XR2 / 16.285 vs. Supra / 16.150 vs. TT225 / 13.292* vs. Plymouth dragster

* (maybe it was just a good launch ;-) )


"13.292" What the F*CK? Well Im impressed Rhys, but Ive no idea how you pulled it off mate! :sick: Why not put that 1/4 mile on your sig? :D


13.292 good time but are u sure thats right, im no way dissing your car but from the other times u posted it would seem ur car aint got that much speed. 13 sec timjes are things scoobies evos and the likes do, not something a std 172 can do. if it if a real time u will no doubt have the fastest 172 in the country !!!!!!!


Must agree, and again Rhys no dissing intended m8..

13.292 is plain WRONG.... maybe york have a problem with timing equipment.

This must call into question the reality and quality of york timing setup..

  Clio 197

You have to be taking th piss with that 13.292. Nobody can jump from consistant 16ish times to that without major work!

Jato or catapult launch maybe...

Zoicks! Irony bypass, guys.

That time is on the slip, but the dragster wasted me (as expected) and got 12 point something. I didnt say that I got that time and I even commented it with an aside to show I wasnt taking it seriously. Please credit me with some sense. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

PS: Just checked the requirements to get a time on the members 1/4 mile times. Apparently, the rules are:

"To get your car listed on this table, email">U with all the required info needed to fill the table above. We need proof of all runs, this can be either a copy of your timing slip or dyno print, or several other members that were present that can verify your claims!"

So I just send in my timing slip and everyone else has some serious modifying to do before Im bettered. Ha!

Rhys (Owner of the official "Fastest 172 in the World")

PS: Capt. - There is something not right about that setup. The reaction times are all to c**k on the print out too. I was pissed off because I thought it was my best run of the day and I then get a load of crap data back. Ill mail a copy of the print off if you want.

Cheers Rhys !.

Its figures like that that question the WHOLE validity of ANY times from york... damn.. I thought that was ONE area of the sport that was not subject to question..

me thinks you should write and ask about the validy.. see what they have to say..

sounds like the equipment is crappy and the times of the 2 cars are getting muddled..

enjoy the basking m8... and demand yer dosh back for them cockping up.. would be worth a statement from them re HOW they intend to rectify this and stop it happening again... sheeeeeeeesh....

but, in the mean time, YOU !.. r the man....


well id say with a similar terminal speed it will be in a few 10ths of the other times. what times did other people run. My best at york last month was 15.2 (@90.47)

Its a good point Joe. If my timing slip cannot be trusted, then neither can ANYONE elses who ran today. A bit annoying for £24, really.....

just saw the terminal velocity readings, they are taking the piss !!!.. the TV is directly related to accel of the given weight...

you would have had to have had a power surge of 196 BHP AT THE WHEELS lol... and a TV of abt 102.5 mph to achieve that. !! hee hee..

it is therefore impossible.. yep, yet a free day outa them.. and a bloody good explanation !.

me thinks the club should ask for an explanation if they are relying on info from this source (ie YORK) for any info to form comparisons..


Its a good point Joe. If my timing slip cannot be trusted, then neither can ANYONE elses who ran today. A bit annoying for £24, really.....

Hi Rhys M8 .. not just today.. but anytime.. unfortunately..

one would expect the software to at least check for errors.. or.. at least be in the bounds of possibility


and I thought that here(PL) the timing equip (on occasional races, as there is no prof. 1/4m track yet) is crap... heh..

york has few credible benefits..

its located north uk (the BEST bit)

its flat

Its got timing equipment that works.....

oooooooooooops.. sorry... its just flat.. and north of leicester....


The computer crashed twice today whilst I was at the start!! Once the lights went green then red straight after making the run not valid. And again I was sat at the start waiting for the lights to start working - I sat there for 3 minutes not knowing whether they were gonna change or not!!

I didnt catch you today Rhys - were you hiding???

My best time was 15.612, then 15.652, 15.708, 15.856, 15.906 and 15.912.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I thought it was a great day! My best was 15.487, Val got 16.421. Not bad for a first attempt, and a well organised, throughly enjoyable day. Roll on next season!! :D
  BMW 320d Sport

Who would have thought you couldnt even post your times from today without people having to start arguing about it the York timing gear already...I give up, I really do.

I think I can say with some confidence (as a seasoned quarter miler with experience of every dragstrip in England) that every strips timing gear goes haywire occasionally, putting the times in the wrong columns, weird terminal speeds, Christmas trees breaking down etc. That just *happens* with optical timing gear and theres nothing you can do about it. Just look at your ETs and terminal speeds and see if they all look consistent. If theres one thats way out then thats the wrong one, simple as that.

From chatting to people today and checking out their slips, Id say the timing gear was spot on as far as ETs and terminal speeds go.

Im well happy with my times anyway - 14.48 @96mph, my new personal record after a lot of work over the past two weeks getting it ready for today, which also must be the Cliosport record as well (unless Tim O caned me after I left!). So unless anyone has a timing slip that says otherwise, I can finally say I have put together the fastest road-legal Clio in the UK! All the hard work paid off but now what am I gonna do with the next 3 years of my life?
  BMW 320d Sport

BTW I missed a few people today I think...Rhys, Dai, Raiderman? Sorry, I had to hit the road at about half one to get back to town!

So what was everyones best times today then (and terminal speeds)? It was a top day out and a top evening out in York the night before, many thanks to everyone who made it for either (or both) events, Ivan for sorting everything out - you did a great job of it mate.

I had a brilliant day! I ran five times and they were all within half a second of each other, so Im happy enough with the validity. I got a 15.318, which seemed very respectable.. especially as it was my first time out!

Thanks to all who attended... A great weekend!
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah thats the plan for next season John. EIther that or the 2.0 bottom end. Im planning my assault on the 13s already. Most likely setup for next year will be 2.0 power with the direct port injection that I was already thinking of plus maybe going up to 125 jets. The carbon airbox should be arriving soon so well see if that helps.

I have JUST got home, it took my 6.5 hours to get home to Swansea, A42/M42 was chocker ! YIKES !

Nick, I was just about to say the same thing ! Slarty, just because of one bad time that rhys had there is no reason to sl*g the whole system, your comments there were beyond a joke !

Anyway, back to the important stuff after that sh*te ! I was well happy with my times. I got :

16.046 (88.77mph) vs. Rhys172

16.684 (88.23mph) vs. Chavy Boy (Round 1) - Totally messed up the start !

Then things started to get better :

15.945 (83.68mph - changed to fourth going over the line ! Why I dunno !)vs. ChavyBoy (Round 2)

15.604 (88.24mph) vs. MKIII Golf GTi 16v - This was my best run !

And the last run of the day :

15.620 (88.21mph) vs. TimO172 - Christ his car can fly with the launch and traction control ! Nick, he did not beat your time after either but maybe he has plans ? Was running very good 14.6s all day tho !

All in all I was well happy as I had the car fully loaded with rear seats, spare wheel and parcel shelf, may go for it next time tho without !

I had a fantastic day and it was worth all the travelling and getting up at 5:30am this morning. Good to meet Ivan (ChavyBoy), Nick, Matt, Craggy, Roamer, Dave (OutKa5t), Stuman, 2live, desmondo, TimO172, telford_mike, matbrown and Raiderman. Some really decent people there and hopefully I can meet you all again as soon as I can get back up there !



PS Matt - Leics, any chance you could put the video from today on a tape for me if I send one to you ???? Let me know by PM if you want mate !
  williams and trophy

well another fantastic turnout for the clios

i think this should become a more regular event eh???

my best time of the day was a 14.883 but the rest of my 8 runs consisted of 2x 15.0s 3x 15.1s and 2x 15.2s... how more accurate do you want it???????????

as nick said . york and evry other venue in this country has hiccups from time to time.......... so what doesnt evrything?

i know from being a seasoned drag racer that driver error can easily wipe 0.3 secs off ur time....

i was struggling a little bit with grip in second, lighting the tyres up too much and for 1 run i got it right ... unfortunately the season is now over for me.. time to sort out some mods i think.

craggys starting to put in some good times now with his newly chipped motor (sly bugger u springin that on us lol) more to come from him im sure

ged... well lol

when the mods come mate lol

matt brown......that is 1 fast car you got there mate cant believe how close that last race was lol ..... u reckon pod is the quicker strip of the 2 then??

nick......what can i say??? good run .. but i was avin u till i fluffed 2nd(again) and ur nos kicked in lol

and YES i was the guy who witnessed nicks best run first hand and up close lol

nice to see jim there too altho a little bleary eyed hehe

and dave..... holder of the standard 1800 record..........he broke my 15.968 today.....after it standing for 18 months lol

evry one else nice to see/meet u all cant remember names much but know your faces lol



Just found another slip :

15.968 (87.99mph) vs. Supercharged Saxo VTR - Should have had him !

What made me even happier was that my car has only done 2500 miles (now it has done 3000 miles after that journey home) so it can only loosen up !

I reckon we get another meet going sometime, maybe in Santa Pod as it is more central ?

If Id ever got anything over 15.4/5 in my 172, Id of sold it!!!!

My first ever run with 1000 miles on the clock and with a passenger was 15.2, come on lads, much practice must be undertaken!!;)

I was happy with my times anyway ! Will improve next time, first time I had ever been 1/4 miling so I am happy.

Yes, its standard, and Im on the list at 15.083, coasting over the line with a missed gear change!:)

[Edited to say - ] And my tyres were shagged!!
  williams and trophy

teady mate how quik u runnin now?

what mods u got?

how u fancy comin down to york next year if we can get a big enuff event there?

got quite a few of the races on vid but me being crap with pcs n evrything that goes with em im afraid if u want a copy ill prob have to put it on vhs lol

and geds got quite a few of the races that i missed