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My car’s been hit!

Some muppet has reversed into my car - drivers door totally caved in! Having to resort to climbing in on passenger side. Luckily we know who did it (although he made no effort to let us know what happened until we knocked on his door and asked!!). Anyway, I have a question - obviously hes going to get his insurance co. to pay for damage, but what I want to know is could I get all the other little dents and dings sorted out and make them pay for those as well?

Any ideas ladies and gents?


Only if you can prove they were caused by him! Or have a dodgy repair place that wink wink nudge nudge sort it out for you

haha i think u can get away with works near the accident area but i dont think u can do anythin if its totally opposite side of where it happened
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If you dont like the bloke/women have a word in his ear mumbling something about "Driving away from the scene of an accident, and illegal" You should of by then got his fully and undivided attention and put it to him that he hit the side of the car and the front back and roof at the same time

Wouldnt they want repairs done at a franchised dealer?

cyue005 - I could tell them that the dents on the opposite side happened through osmosis!!

nice :p some guy sctached my bumper n the panel beater actually took the whole thing off n redo the bumps i had n repainte dthe whole thing :D!

Franchised my arse... there are far better repairers out there, if you choose franchised your get some spotty t**t doing ya car be his first spray job.
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Quote: Originally posted by Steve on 13 November 2002

Franchised my arse... there are far better repairers out there, if you choose franchised your get some spotty t**t doing ya car be his first spray job.

LOL @ Steve, bit like "MY FIRST PRAM" (Toys for young kinds who want to grow up), It could be called "MY FIRST SPRAY JOB ON A REAL CAR for ages 6 and up" ;)

pay no attention to the insurance saying that they want you to use a recomended repairer (usually means a paintshop they do a deal with and doesnt always guarentee a good job) who you use is totaly up to you !!!

If anything like this happens to a guy I know;), he;) gets his uncle who owns a body shop to do the work that way the cost of excess can be recovered and any other wee dings can be covered in the price.

If you know anyone in the trade (that does a job that you feel is acceptable) use them to your benefit.

But please remember you have the decission where your car goes for repair


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Sorry to hear that your car has been hit - (this makes your user name Hitman very apt)!!

As said above, dont let a dealer paint your car and repair it, take it to a reputable bodyshop where they do this sort of work all day, every day, not a dealer who does it now and again.

Also, some insurance companies ask you to obtain two or three quotes for the work needing to be done. Often, the one they recommend, is the one which they perhaps guarantee that a courtest car will be provided for the duration of the job and no doubt they get some sort of financial incentive and reward!!

It is best to source your own bodyshop, perhaps with recommendations from someone who has had work done there.

Hope it is soon sorted.