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my car is still sick

hi guys just wanna get this off my chest

my car is sertiously pissing me off

its been off the road for about 3 weeks now and i really miss it and want to cain it on sone nice country lanes

its really annyoing and is booked in to hill power for the 28th so nick can have a look at it. tried a lot of trial and error and its even been into a garage and its still not running right

hope nick hill can fix it, im relying on him to fix it as i dont think anyone else can



  Shiny red R32

Poor old Wongy and his car! Is this the second 172 that you have problems with Wongy?

I told you that you should have got a nice black one like Thomas and Jaques the second time instead of the flaming red one! Although I cant say anything, because I found loads of water in my spare wheel well again on Sunday, just as I was going to check the tyre pressure of the spare.

The dealer reckoned it was sorted, by the guy sticking more mastic on one of the seams behind the rear bumper and as I trusted that they had it sorted, I didnt bother checking after a couple of weeks.

Back to square one! If they dont get it sorted, I will get rid of it and get a 206 GTi - black of course! (I dont suppose it will come to that).

yes its my valver that is still sick, the 172 is fine. 1200 miles and its flying.

shame about my valver though,its just siting there waiting to go to hill power. its prob something stupid and electrical but ive been beaten and giving up on. hope nick can fix it

dead 16v :sick:


cheers guys.

i really hope he does as i really want it back to normal so i can take if for a good few blasts in. think while its down there i may go get some silicone hoses put on too

  172 sport,

what sort of electricle problem, not firing ,missfiring etc ????? if any of these have you checked the ht sensor lead ( top of gearbox) these have a tendancy to go wrong and sometimes even come undone and fall out ,also the map sensor pipe these block up and can cause havoc with the running ie missing etc give these a go and see what its like after good luck



can you tell me where it is exactly and what it looks like

ive tried



dizzy and rotor

ignition coil

ill have a look in a minute but its been into a garage and im sure they would of picked up something as simple as that

yes its missfirng and not holding revs

on idle its idles at about 500 rpm and when driving under acc its jerks up and down and the revs are all over the place, this is the best way i can describe it.


im not selling now new plans for my motor now!!!!!

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"on idle its idles at about 500 rpm and when driving under acc its jerks up and down and the revs are all over the place, this is the best way i can describe it."

sh*t mine just started this problem, ive just got it back from the garage and noticed in so its going back in saturday to get sorted hopefully.

ben j

im getting the bbtunnig turbo conversion mate. thats my next power mod then after this i think ill bge satisfied

ben dont get my wrong about these cams after the fueling was advanced my car is well quick just was a case it was not getting the necessary fuel for increase in air flow into the engine.

take you for a run in mine and you will see the difference. its so much more flexible and genrally quicker from a to b than a std valver. this is when its back to normal agian though,

james is you find anything then please let me know

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lol, wongy, you honestly think you will be satisfied for more than a few weeks, as soon as its been done you will be thinkin about more mods hehe