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my car wont start help please

  clio16v supercharged
hi was doing some bits on my clio the other day it is a j reg 1.8 16v clio and it is supercharged and the vacume pipe that comes off the drivers side inletmanifold broke and the engin died so i changed the pipe and i cant get it going now can any one suggest any thing please i have checked the spark plugs there is a spark the fuel pump is priming not sure what else to do please help

  Alpine GTA Turbo+182
Look to see if any wiring or connectors have been disturbed. Squirt a little petrol in the air intake - if it fires, then your problem is air / manifold related or the ecu isn't getting a signal to fire the injectors. Put up some pics of the pipe that broke and that area - someone might see your problem. Good luck.
  clio16v supercharged
i hoped it was the petrol idea so got a jerry can but wasnt that how much petrol should i use
it the pipe under the powersteering pipe it goes to the map sensor