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My Cleaned Valver!

my recommended mods

lower it 35mm and a front strut brace and u will have a car the flies yet controllable on corners


Quote: Originally posted by Mike Wright on 20 March 2003

BenR I just want to be as famous as you one day!;) and own my own fleet of cars. Then I can do AN AUDIENCE WITH BenR!:D
LOL! My topic!

Mint and standard. Keep it like that and it wont loose to much value.

I would do what wongy says though and lower it and strut brase

Looks very nice! I wouldnt do anything apart from maintain it, the original setup is perrrfect for all thoughs bumpy Dartmoor roads.

Is that near okehampton by any chance? looks familiar.

Sorry Ben and Ben for confusing you with the post as I got confused which Ben was what Ben and that Ben was the wrong Ben although the right Ben had got the wrong message!................LOL :D