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My Clio 16v

  172 M69 eater

nice mate, like the subtle phase 2 changes on the grill, bootstrip and lights

tooks tidy as hell, got any plans 4 it?
  172 M69 eater

somethins confusin me!! the spoilers colour coded, and the drivers side handle seems colour coded, but the passengers not, am i still drunk?
  megane coupe F7R

Looks nice mate. Like the phase 2 convertion. Get ya self a heat shield behind ya manifold. Your brake fluid pipes are downthere!

thanks for the comments everyone

have been on the look out for a heat shield for a while may have to bite the bullet and get a new one from renault anyone know how much they cost?

thats very clean a nice colour too in my opinion!

what have u used to get your inlet that clean or have you painted it?
  Golf V6 4Motion

can i be bold here and say that has got to be one the nicest valvers on cliosport! it is proper mint mate - well nice; reminds me of mine when it was grey. tell you what I had on mine mate which did look really nice - williams wheels but all in silver - really looked dead smart. that is proper bo mate!

wow thanks everyone. thank you hill_power_clio dont know about that though. Have been thinking about silver williams wheels look awesome on dannyts car cant really imagine what they would look like on mine though? . I cleaned the inlet manifold with turtle wax alloy wheel cleaner and a tooth brush came up real nice.