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My Clio photoshop for future project

  Clio 172 Cup
Hi All here is a picture of my original clio.

Here is a picture of a photoshop I made

I'm not sure if I should give it a go going down that route. Tonight I turned my fogs yellow with lamin-x stuff which was quite easy.

The featured stuff is like - smoothed aerial and washer jets, lowered on (bigger?) Green wheels. Do v6's come in the larger size version of Turinis? I know it requires a stud converter thing.

Also blue (2.0v) badge on the side. Rear tints, and slightly darker headlights. Also smoothed side repeater (illegal?)

What's thoughts of you guys? I obviously know the green wheels are a bit extreme but I've always been a fan of green wheels on blue cars
I actually don't mind the wheels, Not very keen on the plate recess smoothed but everything else looks decent. Could do with changing the indicator bulbs to silver or the blue version.
  S4 Avant
V6 wheels are completely different to turinis. They're either 17" or 18" OZ superturismos, depending on which V6

the headlights look daft as well, tinting headlights is Darwin Award worthy.
I quite like the green wheels. Really don't see the point of a smoothed aerial and why you'd smooth the washer jets is beyond me. They're so useful and I think a requirement. Otherwise nice plans. Less is more
Smoothed washer jets - Would end up cut into the scuttle, looking wrong, out of place, and performing poorly for use

Smoothed number plate recess - The number plate would end up in the windscreen or the bottom grill and look tacky for daily use

Smoothed aerial - Not a bad idea but you would need the roof painting, but I suppose you planned the bonnet, wings, bumper, side strips to match the painted bullets, roof etc, may as well fully repaint it, expensive !

Smoothed side repeaters - MOT problem every year, hiding them in the wings flapping around so they flash properly, any real point?

Bigger Turini's - Spend £500-£700 on 17" items, then new tyres, just to paint them GREEN?!

Lamin-X Yellow Fogs - It's not a VW?

However... It's not my car... But I just cannot see it happening
  Clio 172 Cup
Yes some good long opinions!

I don't really fancy going all out with modifying the clio with smoothing and all that but they do they look cool missing all those bits. Yeah shame it's always gotta be so expensive - but tis only an idea.

I still like green wheels on blue cars but it needs to be the right shade to be honest
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