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my clio, pics....

  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
just a few pics of my clio 182..






new janspeed exhaust, sounds awsome.....




heres a pic of my fucked steering wheel arrrrhhhhh!!!:mad:


and my scuffed to death alloy wheel, nightmare.....

  RB 200 Cup!
apart from wheel and steering wheel (oh my god!) looks a very tidy car - can you get renauklt to sort the steering wheel under warranty?
  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
tried to get wheel under warrenty but they were having none of it, warrenty has run out now anyway, just need the wheel refurbed....


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
That car looks proper abused.

Is that ''old people'' cushions on the back shelf??
  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
superfastdan said:
That car looks proper abused.

Is that ''old people'' cushions on the back shelf??

not abused just a shite steering wheel that went mental from the heat of the sun the rubber just went all sort and kept peeling off, and a scuffed alloy, and old ppl cushions????? there speakers mate
  172 cup baby
dunno about the sticker....but before i was interested in the "clio range" my step-dad had 2 172 cups with the same steering wheel problem,he got his local (notts) dent man to mould 2 new thumb grips replacing the old. thing is they were black replacing the blue 172 cup ones, suit you though