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my clio


ive got better pics but there seems to be lmit on how many pics u can put up on each post is that cause im not regested cliosport member

yeh im not keen on lexus lights either ive just fitted sum newer shape clio the face lift rear light prefer em over lexs anyday
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hey mate

im from borehamwood but im always in welwyn garden city seein my girlfriend. look out for my car! its off road for the next 3 weeks gettin an engine conversion done so from april look out for me!

im sure ive seen that blue one before. is he from stevenage too? does he have a private plate?


p.s. sign up and get a cliosport sticker so itll be easier to spot you!

yeh i will sign up mate next week. yeh thats my mate dan u probaly seen him bout just look on rear of his car he got loads of badges made up to say his name lol bit sad it say clio dan the man on back u cant miss it were off weve got them stickers in our rear windows