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my clio

hey people this is my clio project, when my garage is finished i'm going to strip the car and painting it and at last the engine whit 2 turbo's and a super charger. i don't have a lot to say now but if someone have an question just ask me here are some pic's of my ride



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  Focus ST225, Focus E
2 turbo's and a super charger o_O

looks good example there mate
when my project is succeeded then i have 400 hp+ and i'm the first in holland who is driving a car like this on the road when is start i wil post every day pictures and video's;)
i have seen it before whit other cars and thas was succesfull so why not to try it on a clio. maybe for you here on this forum is it impossible but it is possible but not easy and if you don't believe me then i should say look at my project topic
Is it going to just be a drag car? As 400bhp in a FWD car is abit, erm much really.

How will you route the piping?

What manifold will you use? There is only just enough room round the back for one turbo, let alone another? Will you bring one turbo round the side like this?

i know it's going to be an big project for me and it is the first one for me i hope it wil succeed in one year and the car is for circuit and for in the weekend to piss of some porsche's or something hehehe


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  Focus ST225, Focus E
sounds like alot of hassle to me, but all i can say really is good luck mate would be nice to see this happen