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my clutch cable just snapped-HELP

My clutch cable snapped about 3 mile from home, and at 11pm i went to put it in 4th it went click and then the peddle hit the floor, so i had to pull over.

my car is now home thanks to green flag, but i now need to know:

How easy is it replace yourself

If i cant do it where in romford (essex) (apart from reno who will probably want about £200) is there who know what they are doin and wont rip me off.

any names/contacts greately appreciated



I managed to do mine myself with a bit of help from my brother.

The best piece of advice is to tie a piece of string to one end before you pull the old one through! This way you have the routing already sorted out when you go to fit the new one with the string reattached to the end of it!

Their a bit of a pig to get the rubber to seat in the bulkhead so spray a little wd40 on it to help!

Hope this helps!


Mine went twice in 2 months when I had my 1.8RT. First time it was replaced by a local garage, second time when the AA came out to get me home they said get a proper renault one as they are a lot stronger and the clio was tough on clutch cables.

My dad bought one from reno and has virtually finished it, (must buy him some beer) so its all looking good

It did come as a bit of ashock tho when it snapped.

Thanks for your help