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My Cup has finally turned up...

  Nissan R35 GT-R

...and was it worth the wait? HELL YEA!

Im sticking to 3000 rpm until it has a few miles under its wheels, but its still great fun to drive, because it starts pulling really hard at just above 2k.

One other thing you notice it the admiring glances you get ;)

Quote: Originally posted by Frosty on 28 September 2002

...and was it worth the wait? HELL YEA!

Im sticking to 3000 rpm until it has a few miles under its wheels, but its still great fun to drive, because it starts pulling really hard at just above 2k.

One other thing you notice it the admiring glances you get ;)

Frosty mate,

Ik eep telling people not to bother with the running in process....please...listen to someone who works for renault......

they come run in from the factory......the only reason we tell u to do that is to get 6 months trouble free time off your warrenty!

If you rag it, it will make MORE power, as proven...and when my dad ran TOMS Toyota racing....they ONLY ever used a car that had been bouncing off the limiter as the last engine bolt wa tightened......and have a 3 yr warrenty! they will have to give you a new engine....easy.



  Shiny red R32

Frosty have you any pics of your new baby please, that you can post here or e-mail?

grrrr I want mine now!!!

How can the engines come run in anyway Ben? (Im not saying they dont, but I cant see how/why renault could do that - What about emmissions/fuel costs etc..)

I took my little 1.2 16v no further than 4000rpm for the first 1000, then i abused it. It did seem to run better after a good abusing!


BenR is correct. Thrash the nuts off it. I did from about 150 miles on the CUP and now its done 950 miles and has not gone bang yet. If there was a running in period Renualt could not have a 12K 1st service. The Scoobys 1st service is @ 1K and thats only an oil change as they put different oil in to flush the engine for the 1st 1K miles.

Also, check the tyre pressures. I asked the dealer if they had checked them and they said yes. Last week on here, I was commenting in the tramlining issue and hard ride. So on Saturday, I had the 1st real opportunity to check a few things out on the car and one of them was to take it to one of those new digital read-out air thingys at Esso and found, wait for it,,,,,, that the fronts were on 38psi and the rears on 35psi,,,, not 33 & 30 as the handbook reccommends!!!!!!! Safe to say they are changed an has impoved things massively.

So moral of the story,,,,,, go thrash it!!!!!!

  Nissan R35 GT-R

I have worked in an enviroment where engines upwards of 600 bhp are prepared and every one of them is run in. I know that you may work for Renault and you may know a thing or two about the engines, but I know that ALL engines need time to bed in before they are given any abuse.

I know that the Cup would not moan to much if it got some abuse now, but Id rather run the engine in first as it is NOT run in from the factory (there is no way that Renault can run in every engine they produce before you get it).

A typical Renault mechanic will no very little about the engine internals as they will only fit a new engine - not replace a rod etc.

Thanks for the advice but my babys staying below 3k till shes good and ready. ;)

okey dokey!

but when it comes to RRing it...done blacme me if you make less power than the guy next to you who ragged the latest RR results show.

My race cars have only even been run in for 1 full tanks worth.....and never ever have they let go due to the failure of any wearing parts.....if it fails...itll be a manufacturing detail fault, like a crack in a rod....and thats about it.

even my 2 strokes with a 9hr service life have never let go on me......

but i understand...large investment, your baby....i felt the same way till i went up to the limiter.


I think it also depends on how long you intend on keeping the car!

If your only having it for three years say, then you will lose nothing by ragging it from day one wheras if you are keeping it for as long as you can, then you will want to take your time in it as things will go wrong later on in its life!


true....but did u read that link?

and think of all those ragged rotten volvos in sweden.....LOL

but again, its entirely your option.....i would just rag it personally if it meant more power.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Funny that, my dad always said he has never run in a car or bike in his life and never had any problems with them !

BenR if you are worried about the lip in the cylinder bore couldnt you get it honned (Spelling) out after if you have a high mileage engine anyway ?

Im not saying i would never rag it as there would be no point in purchasing the cup if i was just going shopping in it (Sorry GR).

I would want to know that she was all settled in first though before i started gunning her! And trust me she would get it!!! On top of running her in properly i would change the oil every 3,000 miles with fully synthetic as i do now on my 16V and let her warm up first in the morning before i start giving her some abuse! The same goes for the car;)

Do you really trust renault to run their engines in if they cant even get the wheel alignment correct!?!



  Shiny red R32


Its cool to have a fast car to go shopping in - since I usually take the Beemer as it has a much bigger boot than the Clio!:cool:


all true....

but its the dealers respondability during the PDI to do all of that alignment and twiddy bits....the factory merely assembles.....specialisation of can get it honed.....but should the lip be in sucha low position in teh first place, then you wouldnt need ot take the head off to hone them.

oh, and warming up.....dont be too soft on can lead to more engine damage than raggin it just after you start teh long term

as i think we are all gettin totally off the we always

but as with most things, equal moderation is probably the best.


Can you elaborate on the warming up causing more damage if to soft as i would like to know how to maintain my engine to its peak?


basically, you only need to wait till the engine has got stable iol pressure, or a few seconds after startup, then drive off and drive normally for a min as the oil will be up to useable temp by then.

the longer you spend idling, the slower the warmup time and then particulates such as sludge, acids and varnish all build up fater than if you reached vapour point quicky through normal driving afterstartup.

acids burn off, but if you dont get nice hot engine to burn it of it will corrode all metals in the engine.....

ooer....seems like everything we (inc. me) think is correct is always a tad off the mark LOL......
  Lionel Richie

Ben??? I picked my first clio up from the renault dealership (2000 1.4 8v sport) and nailed it pretty much from day one two weeks later, pop!!! head gasket blew and it was running on 3cyliders (i had 20ft thick white clouds following me everywhere i went, i got pulled over three times in two days!!!) it cost me £10 to do 20miles!!! renault fixed it bout £1200 if i remember (then i rolled it a few weeks later!!) My new one i run in for the first 500miles, 23000miles later from julu2001 not any major problems, was my first engine dodgy or something?????

it would be a manufacturing fault.....all it can be....the failure of a part.

why did it take you 2 days to go to the garage!!

and if your gasket failed, you would of lost oil and water (the thick smoke) and the engine should be severly damaged with excess heat and no lubrication.....hence the HUGE bill....a gasket change should only be 200 or so quid.

Ok Ben,

Thanks for the info, that is what i wanted you to say as i dont actually sit in the car idling, i just drive under 3500 rpm until my oil temp has reached 80 degrees!

Then its foot down and smile!

Oh what a big smile it is!?!:D