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my cup mods *pics*


  Shiny red R32

Looks good Dave!

Is there a big gap between the tyre and the wheel arch? Or is it the way the photo has been taken?

Nice mate !

steff, they are the standard Cup wheels, 16" Speedline Turinis, tempted to get a set of 17s for my 172 I have to admit ! Saw my first Cup in the flesh yesterday !
  CTR EK9 turbo

Very nice indeed. You see below the lights on the bumper, is that the lights squirter? or where they used to be due to weight loss..?
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

no they are 16"s, dont like the red myself either, doesnt go with the light shade of blue in my opinion.
  172 & LCR

Red looks tacky and I dont mean wet def change to blue if I was you.

And again no offence meant M8.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I think the calipers look fine - particularly when youre on the move and they get a bit blurred by the wheels (and what nice wheels they are too).

I cant help thinking that the Cup should have been lower. I think they lowered it by 3mm or something from standard? My 172 is lowered by 30mm, and it could still go a bit lower.

Well done for modding your new car from day 1 anyway!

lol, cheers folks.

No offence taken, each to their own. I was torn between blue and red for the brakes but the blue was a bit too light I think and it would have looked odd not matching. I was trying to avoid the tacky look, and I think it looks ok, but obviously not everyone has the same tastes. :)

The light washers have been removed to save weight/costs, personally I didnt like the rubber stalks anyway.

The car is on quite a steep incline so it looks higher at the front than the back, but there is certainly room for a 40mm drop, maybe 50mm.

Will take some more pics from a better location at a later date, was just too excited to wait this morning!

Mate, you can see a reflection of you taking the shot, with your mate behind you reflected in the bumper. I had the same problem when photographing front bumper close ups of my Blue Mk II 172, and havnt figured out how to avoid it. Only seems to happen on the front bumper corner though. I might just have to photoshop them out. Any ideas?

Just hought I would point it out if your going to shoot some more in a nice location, so you could avoid it. I got some of mine down by the water with some yatchs in the background. Very nice.

Looks real nice. I know what you mean about painting blue. I have a gold clio but the gold caliper paint looked wrong cos it wasnt the same shade and actually clashed!

Well done that man for modding asap!

i see what you mean about the reflection, think I was too close. Am going to take the car up to Edinburgh on monday morning, so if I drive past any beauty spots there will be some pictures.

The Gaps in the arched are huge - especially the front - torn whether to lower it just yet! Slidin all over the road and cant get power down on exiting a tight corner - front end just spins away...........not broken in yet however and need to check the tyre pressures - maybe thisll help? Change those indicators dave!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

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