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my dislexic 197???

  RB 197 fatty
only just noticed this as never really turn it off

does anyone elses say this? is it just a french to english added 's' in translation?!?!?

thinking about it, i suppose thats how a french person would pronounce it!!!




Yeah I meant where did it say DESACTIVATED on his 182. They don't have a display as such.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy
Weird... I'm certain when u pressed the button on the 182 it came up on the display too. I must be wrong but I'm sure the 182 had a similiar spelling mistake
  Renault Clio II phase 1
so, who's the dyslexic now?? :rasp:

ps. I've never noticed that thingy, and I've been to some 197's. Will check it out too