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my ff 172 after it's 1st polish from me

  1998 BMW e46 323i
Had the old girl a year now, and just thought she deserved a polish. Not the greatest photo I've taken (on my phone), but hey.

How shiny is that plastic front wing?

  1998 BMW e46 323i
Cheers fellas! Rubbish pic I know. Should dig out my digicam.

Forgive my untold ignorance, but what's the difference between polish and wax?
looks good what products did u use, polish has a small cutting action to polish a surface to a shine, where as wax locks in the car shine, no cutting. best ask rich tho lol
  1998 BMW e46 323i
Thanks for the comments,..

Ah, no I wouldn't use t-cut. Maybe in ten years time.

I just went to the local 'arc' car wash for a £1.50 special and then plenty of Simoniz Max Wax. Haven't got a hose at the mo', couldn't be bothered with buckets of water, so kept it ghetto at the IMO/arc