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My FINAL Oil Thread

OK, sorry to go on and on and on about oil but I just need a few things sorted that are playing on my mind.

- If you CHANGE the oil, do you HAVE to change the filter too or can it just be drained and then the new oil added ?

- In the handbook, it states that 5w40 is recommended. I have heard that people are using 10w40 Magnatec, is this oil suitable ? What other grade oils are suitable ? Gold Mobil 1 Synthetic any good ?

- My car has done nearly 1900 miles now, should I get SYNTHETIC or SEMI-SYNTHETIC ?

I know some people have said that the oil doesnt matter, just get any but I want to get it right.

I would just like to say a big thanks to ChavyBoy for his excellent step by step guide to change the oil and filter complete with photos that he sent me, you da man !

Any help with this would be mucho appreciated and I will then shut up forever !

Cheers all !

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I always chaneg teh filter when I do the oil change. The filter is so cheap its not worth risking it.

Grade - I personally use 5w40 fully synthetic, but you will get different answers from different people.

No worries about the destruction BTW as I wouldnt pay £60+ to get one of the renault grease monkeys to change it and add a free dent to my car...

ChavyBoy, can I ask what oil you use please cos I cannot find any 5w40, only looked in a few places mind so that is probably why.

How many times have you changed your oil on your 172 ? Was it really that easy to do ? My dad seems confident he can do it, he also has one of those straps to get the filter off too.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I have changed my oil once so far at 1000 miles and I will change it every 6k after that.

The oil is Carlube.

BTW I have just found out it is 5w30 and not 5w40 sorry.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Because our weather in england doesnt go to extremes eg. -20c to say 50c

The lower the first number the lower down the oil protects at extreme temp and the higher the upper number the high temps it can work at.

Does that make sense kinda ?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Sorry yes uit had the Renault recomended ratings on a the oil come in a 5 litre tub as well - most come in 4 litre so you have to buy 2..

It does make sense, I am sorry to be a total dumbbell about this, just want to get it right, hope you understand.

So, if I look for that rating then I cannot go far wrong ? But if I had the choice out of 0w40, 5w40 or 5w30, what should I go for ?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Do worry m8 I had to look deeply into what oil I was going to use and did a little bit of studying.

The 0w40 might make the engine a little noisy cause its so thing when it is cold.

I would go for the 5w40 over the 5w30 just simply cause it is a touch better at higher temps - suppose not really a justification but thats me opinion anyway.

I could of gone for the 5w40 but the SAE ratings (Think thats the rating) matched the one in the handbook.

So the 5w30 matched the rating but the 5w40 didnt ?

Thanks again for all your help mate. Going to try and sort this out on the weekend.

I am going to go to my local Halfords and see what matches up with what I need, hopefully sort this on the weekend then. Should I feel a difference in the car as some people have said that the car felt smoother and better after an oil change ?

Right, I went to get some oil on the weekend, I have a choice now, which should I get ?

Mobil 1 Gold 0w40 Synethetic or Castrol GTX Magantec 10w40 ?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

out of the two id pick the Mobil, but id try an get the rating correct, it wont make too much difference to the way the car feels but it will to how it sounds, maybe not on a new car but if you plan on lookin after it id stick to a 5W-40

personally, i use Silkolene oils, and ive found them to be the best ive used

they do there Pro S which is race grade stuff in 5W-40

id use that

i buy mine from a place in Rochdale called APP
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Daipac have to agree with Brun, I think 0w40 is to thin and you may hair the engine more on startup when cold cause it is so thin.

Stick to 5w minimum mate.

Dont you mean HEAR CB ?

OK, 5w it is then, just gotta order some then, will have one last look to see if I can find any in Swansea, if not then I will order it off the net.

Any other decent places apart from the place Brun posted ?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

oh mate, an a major advantage with the Silkolene

it comes in 5L bottles !!!

i think i paid £35 for mine last time, which makes it cheaper than the Mobil anywayz

Yeah I noticed the 5L bottle. Is there any disadvantage in using Race oil in a non-Race engine ?

I seem to remember you knowing a lot about oils Brun from a previous thread, I appreciate your help with this.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

its not actual race oil mate, it can be used in racing but im not talking formula one here, just car racing where you need a good oil

it IS good oil, my mate Paul uses it too now after i convinved him to try it

if you email them at Silkolene they can discuss your requirements, there pretty good to talk to like that

there Pro oil has a high ester content, which makes it stick to the engine, like what Magnatec advertise

oh yea, and dont be shocked when you get some, mines pink too !

I see ! It is good to hear opinions from people who actually use the stuff. Sorry to be a muppet about this, I know nothing about this type of thing ! (No sh*t he says !)

Pink ? Sounds interesting, I am going to order some for myself this week. Anywhere cheaper than ? Will change the filter using CBs instructions too.


  Skoda Fabia vRS

i dunno mate, i get mine from APP because its near to where my mrs lives to its convenient

look on the website and there might be a place not too far from you

CB, I hope to be there too, watch out ! I will be running pink stuff ! Oooo yeah ! Quite nervous but excited about that if I can get there, dont want to be made to look stupid by running crap times !

BRUN, I will take a look on their website, APP will send it to me so if I cannot find it then I will buy it from them online, no worries. There is no places around me that sells performance stuff really so I am out of luck.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Make sure you dont go against Nick Read and his NOS beast or Desmondo cause he is a veteran now !

Cool ! I am going to have to make it to this one then arent I ?

I dont want to go up against someone who has a beast of a car, I dont think I will bother stopping, just like Jessy in Fast and the Furious, straight out the gates and home I go ! LOL !

Another thing I wanted to ask was about insurance ? Anything special needed for the day or anything like that ? Just thought I would ask !

Whoa ! This thread has gone off at a tangeant but never mind, I think you guys have helped me with all you can on the oil front !

LOL ! Fair point ! Gotta get this sorted, what I can see happening is that I will come to this, enjoy it so much and want to come to all the meets, gonna have to take on a few more jobs I think !

CB, I wanted to ask, can you line up against whoever you want or is it pot luck as to who lines up alongside you ?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Not 100% sure Outka5t, Desmondo, Stuman etc can tell ya but I did see Stuman and Desmondo go for it on the same run.

Brun, I am going to order the oil tomorrow from APP, I e-mailed them and they recommended the Pro S 5w40 that you said. It is around £37 all in, is that a decent price ?