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My first Renault !

  Clio 3 1.2 Extreme
Hello all, Recently purchased a 13 year old Clio 1.2 Dynamic as a ULEZ compliant second car/local run about. First Renault I've ever driven (and owned) after more than 45 years of driving ! So far I've been cleaning it up as it has been parked under a tree most of its life and had the usual problem, blocked scuttle drains and damp interior. This issue is now resolved I hope, and after plenty of elbow grease, t-cut and time, the car is transformed for the better IMHO !
Came here after reading frayz excellent Sound proofing thread. I had some Dodomat sound insulation over from my other car, so have used most of it up on the Clio, and it is quieter on the motorway, so another good result, though I still have a bit of the car to insulate. Next job is to change the belts, I've no idea if it is still on the original, so well overdue !
Love driving it, even though it is the base model of the range !
  Clio 3 1.2 Extreme
Belts / waterpump / fluid changed this week. Either 13 years/50k miles old, or possibly 7 years/23k miles old. Belts were shiny and marked Renault, but not particularly cracked. One of the old waterpump bolts holding the lower cover snapped off. Just pleased the job is done, and feel happy to rev over 3K :)