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My friends car in Norway

Its crazy isnt it. I went skiing in bulgaria and it was snowy like that, i dont know how the drivers cope.

We had this cabby 1 night back to the hotel which was at the top of the slopes, the fella was like a rally driver, proper crazy, arseing it out round the corners and everything. Was only a Lada but felt pretty rapid cosidering the conditions :p

sounds crazy........................6 months of the year they run with metal spike tyres.

you would need to put 100% pure screen wash so it done not freeze!

Looks too familiar for me :( Its been fu**ing cold here lately...last 2 weeks it has been ~ -15C every morning...

Quote: Originally posted by fin_tm on 15 March 2005

Quote: Originally posted by Zorba_the_greek on 15 March 2005where are you from dude Finland???

Yep, Finland Helsinki. Now its so comfy and warm...I just checked the temperature and its at the moment only -9C ;)

Im just glad that it hasnt been raining lately like

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HAHAAHAH nice pic dude!
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Ive just come back from Austria Skiing, it was -25 one night but no frost!!!!! Most of the cars there were german.