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My last French car show, lets hear what you thought.

As the title really

Sorry Mark Dow? But what a shower of s**t this year!

Grumpy co-workers who have no idea on where people need to head and directing them/us the wrong way lol.

Hardly any traders

piss poor performance from that guy on the lassa stage, did not know his arse from his elbow.

Lack of selection for food

A bloke called Dave standing on a motorbike and doing wheelies on a moped???? FFS ( car show 95% of folk are not interested in bikes or they would have gone to a bike show )

Last year was poor but put this down to new venue and teething problems.

So 4-5hrs travelling £20 ticket for imo an abismal show.

Rant over:)

I won't be attending anytime in the near future, so lets hope the ticket prices adjust to suit the s**t Or step it up a peg.

Whats your views?


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Can't comment on FCS but I've never been overly impressed with car shows. I'd rather go to a transport museum.

Also in relation to the organisers. Let be honest, most couldn't give a f**k due to the fact they've sold the tickets etc


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Thought it was ok, not amazing but ok.

As mentioned lacking in Traders, no staff directing people to parking.

Good to catch up with few people from the club I know and have a chat with a few new faces.

Thanks to Brian and Co for their hard work setting the stand up as always.

I'll probably still go next year as I enjoy watching the track and the social side of the club.

Shame there wasn't a bigger turn out from CS'ers, the Facebook group had the bigger stand this year.

I am also Sun burnt to f**k :(


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  182, Ecoboost Fez
It was at Combe last year wasn't it Mart?
I thought once the weather picked up the day got a bit better, but I must admit, it's not like it used to be. Donnington in 2012 was a great venue IMO
And a better turnout on CS' behalf
  TT, UR Quattro & 182
I think with shows, it's all about what you make of it.

Overall, I thought it was okay too.. Was nice to meet some new people and chat to some old faces! However, I do agree with a few of your points.

The traders were poor at best.

I mean Bilstien for example, I wanted to purchase some B14's and was told they wouldn't sell anything on the day or over the phone as they are not a distributer. They were there for promotion only.. What kind of business is that?!

Plus, on the detailing side it was nice to have some knowledgeable people to talk too, for example Alan from AMDetails last year. This year it was just a couple of big names that were only really interested in selling you stuff (which is fine) but weren't interested in giving advice or generally having a chat.

The staff were generally useless, this is usually the case though! I was meant to be in the Themed Paddocks but that was a shambles so I quickly abandoned and was asked by a business to move into their Trade section.. So no major issue really.
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i dont bother with these type of car shows any more either, sooner do days like at prescott hill climb


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I enjoyed today on the whole. The show itself wasn't amazing, but it's always great to meet people from on here and have a laugh.


West Midlands
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No problems mate its been my first so called big show. But I've found ALOT of the cars on here look great in pictures but in reality are well ok at best.

Also found cs stand unwelcoming maybe because I've got dreadlocks (little ones) or I was with the outcast MartinR. Found people just look at you like who the f@@k is the hippy on our stand lol.

Renault UK is pissing all over cs now for crowds and quality of cars!
Must say. I spent most of the day networking with other traders, other sponsors of the race team I sponsor too.

Ultimate high light was a certain failure to lock bonnet pins before heading out on track. That must've been a PR disaster for the company in question.


ClioSport Club Member
Ultimate high light was a certain failure to lock bonnet pins before heading out on track. That must've been a PR disaster for the company in question.

£20 entry can f**k off. If it consisted of just supercars and racecars, maybe. But not cheap french hatchbacks.


ClioSport Moderator
I thought it was ok. It was nice to meet some people off here (best part of the day) and see some of the cars. Was also nice to track the source of my oil weep - cheers Dan@SJM :)

On the whole though, wasn't organised well and I agree with the comments about some bloke on the quad / bike - was pretty dull.


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  Whichever has fuel
I never went. For us three to go it would have been £60 to get in. Cheaper to get in to Alton Towers Ffs!


West Midlands
ClioSport Area Rep
Must say. I spent most of the day networking with other traders, other sponsors of the race team I sponsor too.

Ultimate high light was a certain failure to lock bonnet pins before heading out on track. That must've been a PR disaster for the company in question.
Was quite funny they gave it the beans half way round it came up again lol
Ive enjoyed it so far, been my first big show too. Was a shame I never got to meet anyone off the CS stand, hate being shy haha :eek:
  Clio 172 Cup
I didn't mind it too much. I didn't actually look at the other cars properly until about 3pm to be honest and having been there before 9. Being able to chill out and the track was fun until your engine dies haha.. I'm local though so it's no worries for me travelling to Combe


South Central-South Coast
ClioSport Area Rep
The organisation for the track this year was pi$$ poor. The marshals were no help what so ever, one telling us one thing whilst the guy next to him says another. Highlight for me was meeting some new faces and some old.

Honestly wish i had gone to Players at Goodwood !
  Clio 172 turbo
I had a great day mainly because it was my 1st track session. Was nice to meet some more people from cliosport.
  172 Cup Jenvey'd
I had a good day blasting around track, also liked the fact we had rain and sunshine too so got to know the car quite well very quickly... Met a few new people too, only downside was the £5.20 burger :(
Was a good day just because I got to go out on track with Chris, (bonnet flip vid) both our first time on track and it was great fun. Mediocre show though tbh.
Camel toes left, right and center from the scantily clad show girls made for a few laughs.
  Clio 172 Cup
There were a few grotesque creatures dotted around. Haha

The flux babes were alright, except the uber fake tanned one
I've been to every fcs so far - today was by far the worst turn out since the early days!
The weather may have had something to do with it but that had nothing to do with the lack of traders - was really poor on that front

my car was on the Samco stand and I noticed how quiet the trade area was in comparison to last year - they really need to pull their finger out for next year!

still enjoyed my day and my son had a good time but not the FCS I'm accustomed too


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  182, Ecoboost Fez
To be fair. I think the bonnet is literally loose there.
I'm sure it wasn't on bonnet lifters before the incident.

Shame though! Very tidy 182
  Accord Tourer 2.2
This was my 3rd FCS in a row, I really enjoyed the actual event as a whole, but the staff were useless. When I arrived I asked where were and they told me up the far (like last year), got up there and there was hardly anything up there! The day improved massively once the weather sorted itself out too :)

Going to camp there next year :) Hopefully it'll be at Castle Combe again.
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