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my long winded plee for advice

  ph2 172,2010 transit
hi, basically bought a ph2 172 before christmas non runner. i was told it had a second hand engine fitted because the old one broke the belt. i have fitted a new starter motor, connected up the exhaust,new plugs and charged the battery. Tonight i finally got it going for the first time it was ticking over but sounded like it was on 3 cylinders and engine vibrating alot. when i revved it it didnt sound to bad then take foot of acclerator and it would pop almost like a back fire, any ideas guys ??
all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
my alternator and belt are not connected yet so didnt want to leave the car ticking over for to long.there is also a split in the plastic pipe coming from carbin canaster to the fuel tank. and the rubber pipe from inlet manifold to air box is missing.

  ph2 172,2010 transit
to be honest im not sure could be bad timing. Whats best way of checking ? Im aware of needing genuine renault locking tool
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
You don't need any tools to confirm basic timing: Pikey method = Plug out of cylinder 1 or 4 + long screwdriver in the hole to show postion of crank. Knock the end caps out of the cylinder head at the cam 'setting bar' position and observe the notches.

Bring the crank @ TDC on No.1/4 = Notches perfectly horizontal... if not, there's your problem.
  ph2 172,2010 transit
ok thanks ill go and check that now cheers.
this car has been bought as a bit of a project so once i have it up and running ill be starting a project thread and getting a few photos etc up.
right now im just getting use to my way round it.
  ph2 172,2010 transit
as advised i have just carried out the "pikey method" and the notches in the cams both look pretty horizontal at number 1 tdc. the cams may well be a few degrees out.
not sure if this is enough to cause the poping and rough running. the pops sound like its about to blow the plug out of the head !
thanks for all advice so far guys
  ph2 172,2010 transit
could this be a coil pack problem ? I have been told that they give bother and cause the popping from the inlet
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
Popping from the inlet or "spit back" is, IMO, more likely to be a timing issue or an over fuelling issue... the F4R injectors are easily damaged so check the connections for signs of damage.

  ph2 172,2010 transit
ill get a look at them and check for any broken wires or any visible signs that i notice. it will be later on before im at the garage but i shall let you know.
many thanks