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My Naples 16v

  WAS a Valver - what next?

You may struggle to tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:oops:

Cant get the hang of these damn pics yet!!!!!!!!!!
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Thanks Mike for the offer, thanks Chris for adding the link!;)

Apart from the Momo Arrows, Scorpion stainless exhaust and Sony stereo car is standard. Only had it a couple of weeks. Im not into crazy, tacky mods, prefer subtle, any suggestions would be appreciated?
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Type_Mo, clear reps are on the list. One small thing can make such a difference (thats what my misses said about me when we found out she was pregnant!:cry:)

Thanks JayR, car is totally immaculate. A credit to its previous 2 owners! There really is not one bit of rust anywhere, or dent, or scratch. Its unbelievable to think this car is 11 years old!

Any more advice on subtle mods guys????

Also, car has done 75k with full Renault history and no modifications but feels a bit tight to me. Its only done about 8k in last two and a half years. Any advice on what I could do i.e. engine flush, clear injectors etc??????

Finally, whats the best induction kit to buy for sensible money?
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Sorry, just realised Im going a bit off topic. Should I put the last post in ...mechanical forum?????
  2004 Racing Blue 182

welcome to the world of the faster valvers mate, naples really is the best colour.

ive got a hillpower IK on mine, sound nice when u give it some, but so does a K&N, i had one on my old black valver.

Wish my valver was a s tidy as that

  WAS a Valver - what next?

Not bad is it Matt ;)(<- Previous owner!!! Missing it yet???)

Bought the CTR new Dean in 2002, my misses works at same place as me so I was only using it twice a week. We then had a daughter in 2003 and are extending our house, I also had a mint 205 1.6GTi and couldnt justify the cost of having both! So the CTR was sold!

I soon got sick of the 205 as an everyday (well 2 day-a-week) car so sold it in Jan, then bought a mint 1994 200sx but was too much of a cruiser and not enough fun, so that went (for £500 profit as well!) and then I saw Matts Clio which is minter than mint and now mine!

Did you all enjoy that story!!!!!????:sleep:
  BMW 118d

Nice story there Jason!!

Im missing it loads! Wish I had that sort of power in my ickle blue clio. Oh well at least it has gone to a good home
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Sure has! Its getting well looked after, dont worry!

Ill call in sometime, Im often near you, and let you touch it!!!!;)

NV - Ive figured out now that Naples is the fastest colour! Also the classiest. Never heard of hillpower? Will have a look.