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My New Clio:

  Black Clio Mk2.
Alrigth everyone, just got my first car... CLIO!

Shes a beaut i think, im going to start doing things to her, MODS, thought id add that as it sounded abit dirteh! ;)

I only have this one picture at the moment, from the internet. I need to get some pics done tonight or tomorrow and i will put them up here.

This is the one pic for now:

Uploaded with

Rate how she looks at the moment and pics and comments will be coming soon! ;)
  SG9 Forester STi
It looks like a clean looking car but in order to make it better the first thing I'd do is swap the wheels over for something different.

Enjoy it :)
  Black Clio Mk2.
Mate, my other one was Deleted.

And i like the look of them Like White i dont know if theere trims or alloys, And they have quite alot of Sporks or whatever,

You know what i mean?
Save the money you're planning on spending on mods and put it towards your next car. All I'd suggest it swapping those wheels for something smaller and less chavvy looking.
  Black Clio Mk2.
There OK Alloys, but tbh they came with the car, Owner before me was a girl and got them for 350 quid
off here friend, so i think there better than s**t normal ones.
  Mondeo diesel barge
I'd suggest getting your insurance sorted before any mods mate, if you're having difficult getting cheapish quotes just now, then modding isn't going to help.

It does look like a nice example, minus the wheels! I'd get them changed over, not my cup of tea. Plus they look massive.

Also, give up on the orange centred text :dapprove:
  Black Clio Mk2.
HMM FINE, about the text! :p

but anyone got opinions on them white alloys with alot of sporks, on a black clio?
How much are you looking to spend ?
Colour coding can be around 30-40 quid and a few days hard work
Silvervision bulbs, led white interior light, led numberplate bulb, nice white headlights
Rs grill is around 50
172 alloys off here come up very cheap (have to be a member to look at for sale section)
Aero wiper blades

More but i cant think atm lol
  SG9 Forester STi
To be totally honest even a good set of the standard alloys would improve the current look of the car.

As previously said if you're looking at quotes not far from the 4k mark then the last thing you want to do is add mods to your policy. If you want to make it different then until your insurance goes down stick to little things like clear side repeaters and sorting out a colour scheme if that's the kind of look you're after. Things like spraying the diamonds and side bullets are a cheap option and cleaning up the calipers by painting them silver and drums black etc. It's all an improvement to the car until you can afford the insurance for mods.