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My new diesel barge...

Well, at least that's what I was meant I buy, then this happened...


Cheers guys. It's in very good condition bar a minor dent on the offside rear quarter which I am getting looked at. Used to belong to little Richie on here, and before that to ChrisR. Made 172.1bhp at TDF at the last rolling road day unorganised to, so it's a strong one.

Splitter is a Leon cupra r jobby iirc.


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Ditch that god-awful splitter!!

Any other pics?

She looks in good nick!
Well I sold it in 2010 with about 106k on the clock.

I spared no expense with it whilst I owned it, short of a couple of niggly things (I can think of 2) it had all the right money spent on it and was a reliable car I clocked up a lot of miles in. I bought it on about 35k!

Steering wheel had a nice refurb as well, it was lovely :)
Almost 131k. It's not quite as mint as that photo makes it look, but it's certainly a good one! Got my plate on it now, and need to give it a clean as it apparently rained sand last night and hasnpissed it down all day today untill just now and not got chance to clean it etc today now. Spec as far as I am aware and can tell is:

RS tuner remap
matched inlets
powerflow exhaust
yellow stuff pads
grooved discs (think they might be warped:( )
eibach prolines
5mm (i think) fk hub centric spacers on the rear
blue light dials (fuel gauge is temperamental and rev counter lighting started flashing then stopped working earlier.)
Refurb'd steering wheel
also got a receipt fr an itg filter though haven't checked to see if that's there or not.

Plans are to drive it, get it looking mint and keep it that way.
Assuming it's still on the same discs as when I sold it they were Brembo Max discs, I stuck those and the yellows on about a month before selling it (along with the full belt change).

Most of the stuff on the list was done whilst I had it bar the spacers and the blue leds. I did have a custom exhaust on (original one rotted through one lunchtime at work and I needed one that day so ad one made up), think that was powerflow so could be the same one.

I had an ITG filter in it as well so again unless it's been changed it should be there :)

Also Goodridge braided lines with stainless caps/ends (whatever they are called).

As for the niggles, the rear 3/4 dent was very annoying as no idea how you'd sort that without making a mess of things but it's quite subtle, and I've no idea what the hell happened with the fuel gauge it just did that one day :p

Will PM you about that ;)

Glad it's gone to someone who will keep it nice :)
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Typically the fuel gauge has been fine untill you just mentioned it (am sat in car waiting for the wife). Bonus is the rev counter lights just game on again! The dent I'm having looked it, I think it will come out.

Hadnt looked close enough to see braided hoses, but don't see them having been removed. Will check when I get home.

For those wanting more pics, here's one of the mint steering wheel

Not had much chance to drive it properly yet, initial impressions are it feels more urgent then the 197, but not necessarily quicker.
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when you want to change that wheel to a sabelt one ;), let me know, I'll take that off your hands!
Few more pictures.

So after the sahara landed on England and then floods in Birmingham, the 172 looked like this



So this afternoon gave her a bit of tlc. First off washed with duragloss. During which my neighbour came back do sorry rest of photos are a bit close...


Next was a quick headlight correction





Still needs some more work but I didn't have long.

Next all plastics and tires were treated with i4detailing tyre gloss and glass cleaned with fast glass. Then for reasons of pending rain and lack of a cleanser I went straight to wax. I used dodo juice light fantastic simply as I had it already.




And a couple of reflections


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And why not. Good work sir.

Especially given someone else poured the money into the mods.