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my new ice build

  not a clio anymore

im considering taking out my rear seats but thats not practicle for me.

im now considering moving the passengers side rear seat in to the middle and building ice round it

any one done it or got opinions

You got a bucket seat for back, im having same problem! i wanted to have 2 audiobahn 12" subs in between 2 buckets in back, but they just wain go in. So now im having to squeeeeeze 4 subs and 2 amps in the boot.

Having 1 seat in back and ice around it looks awesome!

You planning to fibre glass it?

why not have a carbon fibre build? you could get about 6 12" subs in there wi a bucket seat if you had a fibreglass/carbon build, DONOT GET 6X9s!!! get components with crossovers!!
  2002 Clio Dynamic

I have 4x8"subs 1x12"sub and 2 amps in my boot and i still have the use of my back seats,all just depends on how you go about fitting it all in!

Ps.DONOT GET 6X9s!!! get components with crossovers!!

yeh be careful not to melt the ICE lol. if you wana do the bucket in the middle thingy you could get a huge fibreglass build made which the bucket seat is moulded into, get the fibreglass build to run either side of the seat and to window height and go up the back of the seat and into the boot. you could have 2 12" either side of the seat, 2 12" behind the seat inverted to give the poor passenger some bass feelings lol and another 2 in the boot space facing normally and then the amps in a fibreglassed floor in either a recess of perspex! DONOT mount the components in the build with the subs cos the air will just make them pop!! get a pair of components in each door amped up and position the tweeters at ear height and in the back why not mount some in the headrests? something different or in a roof build just above the windows, make sure you have crossovers though. then get a roof mounted screen in the centre, a rather large one so you can sit in the bucket and get blown to bits by the bass when something explodes lol.

could draw you some ideas if you want me to? im full of loadsa crazy idea lol. pm me if u want i can also supply u with quality ICE products at cheap prices. am thinkin of sellin my alpine type r sub and custom ported box to fit a mk1 clio, the sub is inverted and takes up little room, yours for £130, thats £250 worth of stuff

Why dont you just scrap the stuff youve got now and get 2 10" subs, 2 mono amps, a set of good comps, a nice HU and an amp for the comps and then make a nice symetrical install with subs at the side of the boot and then the two mono amps on a slope leading up to the comp amp. Much less stuff but IMO itd look so much better.
  Mazda MX5 1.8

what you could do (which would be really cool imo)

- get a bucket seat for rear

- roof mounted screeen in front of the seat with xbox built into the build or sommat (could also have a dash mounted screen)

- subs kind of wrapped around the bucket seat

then u could keep ur boot and have it all kinda where the back seat is now

strange visions..........

thats practically what i said just half the build and an in dash screen and a headunit, y have in dash when u got a roof mount?

one qustion probably most important, how much you looking to spend including equipment?