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My new Refurb’d wheels ; - }

  leon cupra R

had loads of options, look mint in the flesh tho was going to go for a charcole finish , antharite did cross my mind but i thought id be different :)
  leon cupra R

Quote: Originally posted by Mike-bham on 30 March 2005

Much better! Needs more tyre black now to match though!

lol i got some decent stuff but its been raining to much so cant be arsed to put it on
  leon cupra R

Quote: Originally posted by cat171 on 30 March 2005

i prefered the gold tbh.

had to get them refurbd due to poor driving from the g/f whole hit every kurb when parking :(

thought id go for a change
  2004 1.2 Dynamique

Gold was good the black is just as good i think they look quality cant make my mind up which ones i like best but both of them are class!
  LY 200

Looked nice in gold but the black looks better i reckon!!!

I rekon if you colour coded the side and bump strips it would look even better!!!