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My new toy as of 07/09/06

  PH1 172
I have had a huge smile on my face since I picked up my Mk1 172 :twisted:




spotless... looks awesome

love those silver ph1's... seriously thinking about getting rid of my cup and buying one.
  Evo VI Tommi Makinen
Nice one buddy welcome aboard. Steering wheel looks in good nick too. Although you have the traditional hole in the drivers side mat :D
ROB 172 SPORT said:
My beast just cleaned.

sexy as hell those cars.... love the silver.. you're all just teasing me further lol

Looks like you've got a massive gap above your off-side headlight though. Is that just typical reno traits?
  PH1 172
Cheers all for your comments and as it's now Monday I have had the car all weekend and haven't stopped driving and getting used to the performance, just need to get the cam belt changed even though it only has 42500 on the clock it is 6 years old so will get that done asap so I can enjoy the 5k - nearly 7k revs.

Absolute mint condition except the whole in the drivers mat lol but no biggy.

Got a few plans but won't be starting them till next year hopefully.

Cheers again
  PH1 172
Thanks for all your comments. Going to be hopefully booking it in with Mike at Rentech to get the cambelt done in a couple of weeks so I will be able to feel the 5k rush as 5k has been my rev limiter so I don't push it too hard.
  PH1 172
Cheers all glad you approve and like :)

Deffinatley enjoying the car. As soon as I get the cambelt done I can enjoy the 5k rush that I have been hearing about.