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My New Yee - haw Pick Up Truck


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
Yeah, it’s not a volvo. I’ve always wanted one and they’re on the cusp of getting too expensive so thought I’d try one before they become out of reach.

Chevy c10 350 v8.

Bought blind as always and arriving this afternoon!

It’s a bit Disney cars lightening McQueen but I think a wheel colour change should tone it down a bit.

More pictures to follow when it turns up.



Absolute wetter.
ClioSport Club Member
Looks like a great summer cruiser. What's it got in the rear-end, limited slip or will you be leaving single-peggers everywhere?

The Crumb Master

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
That could be so so cool!! But the wheels and the roof are a bit too try hard for me.

Either way, it’s a V8 American pick up truck, it’s cool as f**k. 💪🏽👍


ClioSport Club Member
As you know, I don't really 'get' the Volvo thing, but this I totally see the appeal of.

Maybe do the wheels in white? Would tone it down a bit and look against the body work.


ClioSport Club Member
That is awesome, although i dread to think how low into single figures your mpg will be, great purchase though, super cool.


ClioSport Club Member
  Bean 182 + E92 330d
Needs white walls, those chrome dish wheel things you see on pick ups like this, back permanently open to reveal the wood and then lowering massively and it'll look pretty cool I think. Much less child molester-y.


ClioSport Club Member
  Elise, Merc C180 Est
This is bloody brilliant. Where do the exhausts exit? I can’t see them in the photos. Stacks or side pipes for the win!!


Absolute wetter.
ClioSport Club Member
It’s probably got 120hp. And weighs 3T.

Be interesting to see what it does make on a weighbridge. Europeans have always mocked the Americans for their heavy vehicles.

Some of the big SUV's we're knocking about in now aren't exactly light.


ClioSport Club Member
  Jim's rejects
It 100% should not be on the road. 😂
Defo someone poked their cousin on that rear bed, in the 70's.
What a whip

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
A mate of mine posted this up on our WhatsApp group.

He's informally known as The Cousin Fcuker and would literally live out his hillbilly fantasies driving this around, if you're free and available?

Epic purchase, btw.


ClioSport Club Member
  Cup 172
This is epic but I just spat out my drink with the length of it on your drive🤣🤣


ClioSport Club Member
  Elise, Merc C180 Est
It’s quite reserved at that speed. What’s it like at 4000+??