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My Ph2 Flamer - Update

  Nissan 350z
Hi all,

I havent posted any pictures of my car up before as i didnt think there was anything that interesting about it when i look at the other topics created in here. I took my car to Pepsi's over the weekend and left it with him while i was away and here are the results:

- Cleaned, Clayed, Polished and Waxed the car
- Ktec CF Splitter
- Calipers painted (well when i find the locking wheel nut key).


And i finally managed to "bodge" a fix to my rear exhaust mount (PS ignore the chunk missing near the wheel the previous owner had a backbox that touched and melted the bumper! :mad: )

My phone pictures really dont do the car justice and the rushed sense to make the most of what little sunlight didnt help either. But if anyone from the Derby area is interested i deffinately recommend contacting Pepsi to get your car sealed ready for the coming months!

Next up new tyres and wheel refurb. :race:
  E87 118d M Sport
well if he's cleaned all the stuff off that was on there before then yea lol.

makes a HUGE difference having black plastic!!!!!!
  Nissan 350z
Turtle Wax Black in a Flash has now been applied! :clap:

But its too dark for pics now. And you were right m4rkie23 it does finish it off nicely but trying to carefully apply it to all the plastics without touching my nice paint work was annoying!


ClioSport Club Member
Looking good!

Made a huge difference just claying/tar remover to the car, but has come up really nice with the SRP & EGP. Lovely colour!

Everytime I work on a clio I miss my 182 so much more :(
  Nissan 350z
Nah the pipe was causing knocking over bumps (metal on metal i guess). So i found a rubber stopper at work, drilled a hole through it and then cable tied in place. But yeah i did copy your idea tbh :)

Gray-Motorsport still gets all the credit for the Tow Eye which Pepsi was telling me how he enjoyed knocking his hand against it while trying to polish around lol.
  Nissan 350z
Really? I searched but never found anything. I always knew it must have belonged to a CS member at some point as it had some trademark mods such as Silvervision indicator bulbs and the civic ariel.

.... I hope its good history :eek: