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My photoshop clio


  Shiny red R32

The top one looks best.

The middle one looks as though your suspension has collapsed.

GR, the top one is the original template:)

just made a de-badge one now, look pretty good, next is to learn how to put bodykits, carbon fibre bonnet and two-tone paintworks


  Shiny red R32

The Monk

Exactly!! I realised that the top pic is the original!

That is the one I prefer. The suspension looks collapsed in the others!


Have to say the first one that you modified looks sweet, Youve just

got it into my head now, about smoothing the door strips and the handles,


Gritter- notice u got a black clio same as me, ive smooth the door stripes and handles, locks etc, and it dont look that good on a dark car, work better on a lighter colour car
  Clio v6

When you work your hardest and make it to the top of your profession as a designer, would you be a little miffed if someone totally ignored all your genius ( not to mention millions spent ) on the design of a car.

Hours and hours of experience, thought, technical skills went into your master piece and then what happens?

Someone comes along and cuts it all off, paints over it, and then says "Now this is nice"

While your about it, perhaps the wipers, door mirrors and aerial ought to be ripped off too?

Is it just me in a bad mood? or dont you think that if you want everything smoothed you should have gone out and bought a bar of soap instead?

I guess there are some of us in to adding accessories, and some in to removing necessities.

Rant over no hard feelings I hope.:)

LOL, no hard feeling, each to their own, im just like to improvise the look to what i like, not what the designer like

for instance you felt the need to change the lights on your v6 to lexus style one, cause thats what you want
  Clio v6

Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Corel Paint, or try Serif PhotoPlus.

You could probably get any of the above using iMesh etc.