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My poor Clio’s damaged!!

I had a bit of an accident 2day so im not at all happy. :(

It was really chucking it down with snow, i saw an ambulance behind me so i started to slow down, i could feel the car skidding so i steered it into the skid and manage to stop.

I carried on a lot slower from then on & abit further on there was a que at traffic lights so i statred 2 slow to a stop,i started skidding on the snow and couldnt stop in time. It was either go across the other side of the road, or go into the back of a van!! The van it was, headlight mountings are broken, headlights are loose, not sure if there ok yet, couple of holes in the bumper and the bonnet seems to be a little bent.

But i was fine,which was a good thing, no too badly damaged the clio either!!!! I hope.
  BMW 320d Sport

Glad youre ok. I did that same kind of thing a few weeks ago when we got the first lot of snow. Straight into the back of a Beemer. Luckily it was in my Fiat with the huge plastic bumpers so I just kind of bounced off!

I lifted up the bonnet yesterday and had a look at the damage, not good! The drivers side headlight mountings have broken, but the actual headlight is fine, is there such a thing as a replacement mounting or does it mean a new Hella Optic Headlight?

Need a new bumper and the colour coded bodywork that goes round the headlights, it connects to the wings. The drivers side one snapped off and took a very small part of the wing with it so i think i will need a new wing.

Then i got the driverside headlight out and just under that is some creased metal that needs to be put straight.

I wanted to try and pay it myself but no chance, my excess on insurance is £500 as im under 21,if i was 21 it would be £400, but whats even more annoying is that its my 21st Birthday on tuesday!!

Wish me luck for the estimate as im going 2 need it!!!

Not a lot, he just asked if i was ok and that was it.Ive not heard from him, so i assume i didnt cause any damage to is step on the back of his van!!!!

Bryony, dont claim till youre 21!! If the other party isnt claiming from your insurers then just say you hit a lamp post or something and that it happened after your 21st!!!! I had very similar damage to mine, needed a new bumper and wing plus some straightening out of the very frint of the chassis. No new lights but I needed a new bonnet, ended up costing me £1400, which I paid in cash to save my NCD!!!!

ICEman, thats a hell of a repair bill to pay in cash! would it have cost you that much in bigger premiums is you had lost your NCD?

Well, it was a £500 excess as well, and my insurance would have been £2k with no NCD so I figured a 30% discount would have been worth £600... then the knock-on effect the following year, etc. and I decided it was worth paying it. Regretted it later when I had another bump two months after and ended up putting that one through insurance, (wasnt paying another £1300 in cash!!) losing me my NCD and costing me my £500 excess anyway!!! lol.