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My Project Titanium 182!


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I don’t think so, just that they are all coming to an age where things start needing work. My beam was corroded and the powder coating had all but vanished. If I hadn’t of sorted now it would’ve been fine. But ultimately would be in more of a state when I eventually sorted tidying it up. I started repairing the rust on my fuel filler flap and just got carried away tidying the underside of the car. Basically I want the car mechanically sound before I spend money cosmetically. So I’m refreshing the car. I will be in a position soon where the back underside is mint. Ultimately I probably won’t have to touch again.

I’d say it’s worth all 1*2 owners checking the underside of their car including the rear beam given the newest ones will be 14 years old. It’s a reasonably big job but very DIY able and cheap enough to get a beam blasted and coated to help squeeze another 15 years out of it! Plus doing the job you uncover lots of little areas of rust that can be treated.


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Only took about 3 weeks for ECP to get this to me! But check out how minging the last cabin filter was!


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More new stuff arriving, rear Caliper rebuild kit. Both of mine need some work! Now all I’m waiting for are my bloody hose spring clips and stub axle bolts! Then I can finally piece together the back end again.

Also have taken delivery of a truck load of stainless bolts to replace those on the fuel tank, exhaust hangers etc.

Finally I have sourced some used exhaust heat shields. Having resigned myself to them being a part I would have to live without! They need some work so will keep that update for another day, when I actually do the work!


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So my second hand heat shields showed up last week, but past their best but they have been near impossible to find! I’ll patch them up as best I can and repaint in VHT silver. If I can’t rescue the back box shield then I’ll use as a template and make a new one. They were my Father’s Day present! Sad times 😂 Just waiting for my brake pipe spring clips to come then I can finally put the back of the car together again



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Fair bit of progress this week. I’m still furloughed and will be for a while yet. This has meant we are down to just using the wife’s car (my company car is furloughed to save BIK tax) as such I have made the decision to get the clio back on the road, so at least I’m not stuck borrowing the wife’s god awful mini!

So I have put the front end back on, the headlights have been replaced with some black insert Xenons as one of mine was had broken clips and would be an mot failure for sure. Not sure if the black works with a silver car yet. Will have to wait until it’s out in proper light.

Rear end is coming back together nicely. Beam refitted, brakes refreshed with new seals and new pads (discs are nearly new) I have fitted the missing back box heat shield. Tomorrow will see the plumbing up of the brake lines and a brake bleed. At that point I’ll tax and insure the car to use and then formulate a shopping list of next jobs. Apologies again for the crap photos, no space to get a decent shot in a garage full of bikes and car bits!


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  ph1 172, Arctic182
Thanks mate. Long way off from yours and others I’m afraid. But starting to move in the correct direction. Cosmetically it’s always going to be a 10ft car until I get it in the body shop.
Similar here mate except mines a 20ft car for myopic individuals 😆


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Super excited about this! My mate who is somewhat of a wizard with all things carbon has made me a carbon gear knob. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh, will go well with the real carbon dash inserts I have just bought! Now to get the steering wheel retrimed



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Things have somewhat slowed down since I returned to work! I am slowly collecting parts. This month I’m going to be tackling the AUX belt, replacing PAS pump, alternator and Air con compressor if I can find a good used one! I will also be replacing the radiator and header tank whilst I have the front end off the car. Then it’s on to the front corners, I noticed a number of front end bushes are worn and perished including the inner ARB ones (looking forward to that job). Whilst I was under the car I think I have found out why the EMl maybe on! A previous owner has hacked about and poorly wired in the lambda! The connectors are all perished and corroded. Luckily I have found a replacement loom which I can splice in properly. I will then replace both sensors and refit a cat (of sorts)

My collection of carbon parts is growing. Particularly chuffed with my custom made carbon gear knob.



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Nice delivery today! I have been pondering what to do with the exhaust system on the car. Quite frankly it was obnoxiously loud! The original system was an RS192 back box into a straight pipe straight to manifold. Made up of 3 different stainless sections including a decat all welded together. So it sounded great but I’m old and and wanted a proper system in place that fitted properly!

So I purchased the correct Scorpion resonated centre section. It’s a lovely bit of kit and should quite the car down nicely!

I’m undecided as to which way to go CAT wise now. I would love an OEM CAT but thanks to the scrap market they are too much money for a near 20 year old exhaust part now. I have looked at cheap pattern versions, but worried they won’t get the car through the MOT. I’d like a sports CAT or sorts but don’t want to spend huge money! Ideally I think I would like a second hand Ktech Sports cat or similar 🤷🏻‍♂️


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  2005 182 FF
Great progress on this mate very similar experience and issues to myselfwhen buying a very similar car, will be following with interest 👍


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Thanks for the comments chaps, appreciate it.

Thanks to the forum advice I have decided the direction I’m going with a CAT. Going for a cheap one, which I will get modified in time to remove the Olivethis will allow me to relatively easily switch to a decat should I feel the urge. Things have slowed down again thanks to my return to work. Next job will be tackling the AuX belt. It was replaced by the previous owner, however the tensioner was not replaced and my alternator has a broken bracket. So I’m ordering a kit from RPD this week. Whilst I have the front off I’m replacing the radiator, header tank and air con system.

This weekend I cleaned up my Scorpion back box aged of reformer. It’s come up really well the tailpipes we coked up pretty heavily. Bit of elbow grease, tooth brush, Caustic soda and some wire wool with autosol. Bit pointless as soon as I turn the key black s**t will fill them again, but at least I can keep on top of it





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Found this gem under the car the other week, so started sorting prior to refitting exhaust system. Suspect this may cause one of the lambda issues!!

connectors all corroded, rotten And just s**t! Luckily I found a section of the lambda harness from a Facebook seller, I have spliced in ready for some new lambda sensors. Hoping this and the new CAT resolve some of my issues.


ClioSport Club Member
First up another boring update, so please don’t waste your time reading unless you really are as sad as me! Had a few deliveries today, which means I can actually start cracking on with a few jobs now!

First up, thanks @Yanoo for getting a brass bushes to me, exceptional value. Looking forward to fitting this tomorrow.

Second delivery was a full genuine Renault AUX belt kit, my car had a new belt fitted prior to me purchasing it, but I don’t think they changed the tensioner and I’m getting a slight ‘click’ from somewhere around the AUX belt, I think it’s the AC pump. But will be stripping down over the next few days to find out for sure, also my alternator has a cracked mount. So it made sense to replace the whole lot at once.

Finally 2 new Bosch’s Lambda sensors. Car had a bloody awful bodge where someone has spliced a cheap lambda into the loom. Both sensors look ok but I have some issues with the car and as I’m adding in a CAT and refitting the exhaust it made sense to change them at the same time. I don’t really want to cut corners on some of these things and want the car mechanically straight before I get too excited down at the body shop.

One last thing, so my gear gaiter was a bit of a was torn and looked like someone had used it as a teenagers “special sock” given I’m replacing the gear knob with one I had made by a friend I thought I’d have a go at making a wife talked me through making templates and how to use the sewing machine. I used some fake Alcantara cloth (thinking ahead to match some treadlines...future purchase) which I backed with some self adhesive felt, this gives a much better rigidity so it should fit like a cheap suit. I’m pretty happy with how it came out, hoping it looks better fitted to the car mind!
  nothing 😔
Really good progress with it mate, you’ve made some impressive changes. Looks lovely.
Wish I’d had the time and inclination to do more to my 182, then wish I’d kept the 172 that I actually did do stuff to.
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