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My Renewal Thread, who will win


so far its my current company , Admiral

insurance ends on 27th Aug, a week before my 21st, doh
Got 3 years no claims now

anyway, car is modded, lowered and alloys
306 gti-6 , 1999, group 15 insurance
Im 20, live in best area etc all fully comp quotes

Admiral renewal, £740 10 months, 840ish for a year
(with 2 older females as 2nd drivers)

all other quotes are just for me driving, didnt try adding other ppl

Tesco - 1000

Greenlight if I was 21, £975

Norwich Union, wouldnt quote me, said I need to be 25 after wasting 10 mins of my time

thats it so far, got plenty more to ring, hoping HIC can give me a good quote so I can then play them off against admiral

Bell Direct & Elephant, similar to admiral as all same company

last time for some reason admiral were about £40 cheaper for me, strange

will have to have a play, with mileage and other small bits, see what makes a difference and stays legal

think i opted for legal cover last time which was an extra £30 or so

hoping to get it down, might go for a 10 month policy as itll annoy me if i keep finishing policys a week before my bdays lol
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Can you not do without a car for a week and then get insured as a 21yr old. I think you will notice the difference!

I might look into doing that if the savings worth it, probably be hard to get to work and stuff though which is the problem, not got a spare car or anything and be awkward getting lifts everywhere

might see if I can though, if the drop in £££ is enough, tbh i don;t think it comes down much at 21 anyway, going to get quotes on elephant in aminute, all same details apart from dob, and note the difference
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Yeah just try a few quotes and pretend you were bron a week earlier and see how much difference it is. I think it will come down quite a bit, maybe up to another £100 off! Let us know how you get on!

well went on elephant, made up some new names lol

didnt bother with mods or 2nd drivers, just went for quick kind of quote

If I was 21 now, it would be £170 cheaper on a 10 month policy, and £180 cheaper on a 12 month policy

going to put in all my details accurately now and just check the differences are still all good, if its quite a big different still then I may just wait till im 21 and get about without a car, shame i cant get temp insurance for a week :-(
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Told ya! That is really good £180 cheaper! Now put your parents or someone with lots of driving experience on as the 2nd driver an it should fall even more! Even if you get cabs to work for a week im sure they will cost less than what you will be saving by waiting a week until you are 21!

ok on a more accurate scale, it appears to save £100-130 if I insure when im 21, rather than being 20

so best I get looking into how I can get about

main problems is work really

need to get to and from work 5 days

So hopefully I can blag lifts at least 3 of those days, off ppl i work with and a couple of mates! Then I should be fine, then just get insured online on my bday etc

my renewal is down £110, thats if i renew at 21, and thats with putting my anual mileage up a bit, only said id do 5000 miles last 10 months

on the + side, if i renew for 12 months just after my birthday then I can keep getting money off each year as ill have just turned a year older, rather than it being mid year time etc

lol only got 1 day of holiday left to take, rest is booked off for my mums wedding

so yea i could take 1 day off and then just have 4 days to worry about

check the excess with elepahnat, as mine was more than my insurance on my valver !!!
insurance was £416.00 f/c, excess was £450 !!
im 24 btw, with 3 yrs ncd.

yea think the excess is about £400, think most are about £200 minimum for me though so you crash and you lose out, you dont crash and you save

hopefully I wont crash

Im going to shop around still, see what other places say, hopefully I can get it down a bit more
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My advice would be to walk or take public transport or scrounge lifts for that one week if you really are saving that kinda money , im sure i could make the sacrifice (or is it cause i is tight)

public transport, nooooooo chance, its shocking round here

+ my work is kind of middle of nowhere, hardly any buses

I should be able to get some lifts sorted though, and maybe just use a taxi once or twice if needed, that or see if my dad can use his work truck all week and insure me on his vectra for 1 week, depending on price anyway

will have to see how much that would cost

ok with all mods declared, lowering, exhaust, alloys

the difference with all drivers on there is


so if i renew a week later when im 21 it saves me £106 which is a fair improvement from 873 down to 767 for 12 months fully comp

21, 3 yrs no claims, i had a non fault crash in nov 2002, so i have to declare that for another 4 months before its out of the 3 year bracket they use

group 15 2 litre 306 gti-6, sounds about right really, wouldnt mind it a bit cheaper, hopefully someone else can get close so i can then play them off eachother

ahh not 2 bad, my non fault crash in 2002 only adds on £9

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Well the good news is my dads letting me borrow his diesel vectra when my insurance runs out, so I dont have to renew till im 21

just got to try and beat that quote now

well lowest ive got is £700 with elephant

no-one else is coming close so far

hic were £1200 lol

got to renew on the 5th sept so not long to find it cheaper, not looking good so far


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No offence mate, but that seems pretty steep.

I was quoted only a couple of hundred more with 5 points, claim and 2 years NCB, kept on the street in a not great area. 306GTI btw.


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Quote: Originally posted by Clarkie172 on 30 August 2005

well im 21 and my insurance is over 1k and only 3rd party! 700 is a good quote!
OUCH!!! Thought I was bad at the price I get on "proper" cars.

still got more places to ring but running out now

no-one seems to be able to get anywhere near it, closest other quote is 800

will just have to hope i get lucky with 1 company but at the moment it doesnt sound good

any other suggestions that may be nice, having a few mods limits my choices a fair bit :-(
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i tried phoning around last night and no-one could match elephant, so ended up going with them this morning.

MK2 172, 8k miles a year, 17"s, tints, cup splitter, exhaust, air filter change, lowering springs, 24, 7yrs NCB Guaranteed, 1 SP30, £699.30

elephant admiral still cheapest for me aswell

tesco i did both, online was crap and over 1k, so i rang up and he tried his best but could only do 800

endleigh emailed me lol, saying we have great new rates
just did a quote:

or 11 monthly payments of
+ deposit of £853.00

OMG they wont leave me alone so i rang them


the woman just went through it and said best they can do is 2k, then she said,, you sound familiar did you used to work at so and so

I used to work with the girl on the end of the phone lol, random as f*ck

still a sh*t quote though


just double checked

and its

Elephant £790

Admiral £785

going to ring greenlight and see if they can come closer than the 900 they gave over the net, then try a few more, maybe tesco will try but dont know what theyre like for mods

well I will be renewing with Elephant today

admiral wont give me a new quote until i send back all my paperwork, gay

so elephant at £790 is my best quote, might ring a few more later on today to check no-one can beat them but that seems the best Ill get

Was thinking of getting a 172 so just done so quotes with elephant

27, 7 years NCB, zero voluntary excess, protected no claims


With optional £250 voluntary excess £437.98

Saxo VTS: £325.15

106 GTi: £292.80 (cheaper than the VTS???)