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n/w meeting 7.30pm at B&Q, WA2 8RD


ClioSport Club Member
That's a weekday... If it was the evening I would come along, as it's not I won't be coming.
Good evening. Just got in. I drove past traffic car, managed to notice it in the distance so slowed down.

Can't wait for the pics :)
  DCi 100
How many of these 20 are coming to Oulton RS day to show support?! :D
I'm ill that day so will be there.

Apologies about being an ass and just going but I hadn't spoken to anyone and wanted to get cracking home to a female so I just though bah I'll just go.

Thanks very much to Jamie aswell for the 172 spare!


I'd be at Oulton if they didn't put it on a weekday.
Phoning in sick plus the cost of the day doesn't make it financially viable I'm afraid! :dapprove:
I was last out and I didn't get pulled so I don't think anyone from the meet got pulled? Hopefully not anyway. Great turn out though, be interesting to some photos too.
Didn't realise mine was dead centre with Jamie's trophy lol.

Have you taken about 4 different pictures and stuck them all together Jord? (I don't know anything about photography) Looks good.


  Focus TDCi
Nice work Jord, didn't realise you'd done that - is this when you were using the tripod? Great to see everyone last night and an awesome turnout for such short notice, good to see a few people I hadn't seen for a while as well. I'll have a look through my photos tomorrow, too tired now!
  Clio 172
kk's? Im defo up for this again! May put mine back to standard for the next meet though! Dad has taken my camera to Egypt for 3 weeks though so out comes the crappy sony cyber shot :( if your ever bored jamie gimme a pm/text if your up for a mini meet!
  340i M-Sport & 182
ben there always on there bud, i go on mcdonalds some times not with them but i do have a good laugh ha ha ha, some of them are morons. ill organise the next meet guys.
  340i M-Sport & 182
if ya wont ha ha ha ha, but seriously they are morons!

Oi alex i was working son, at least i still turned up
  Focus ST-2
good meet last night, still wish i'd brought my car!! got a bit of food poisoning tho from a late trip to that maccy's!