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Nail In Tyre , not happy

just picked up a nail, fair play its only a steely wheel but still annoyin. Gunna have to go to quick fit tommorw and see what magic they can do. Also gunna need a new spare as well so just wondering if anyones flogging any steelys for a mk1 in decent nick??? thanks

p.s north west area;)
cheers mate, still need a new spare tho, or mite save for sum multispoke 15"s, dont want anythin too big, not into that 4x4 action.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451
it depends where the nail is located though, they can't always be repaired, the one I had was too close the the edge of the tyre and couldn't be repaired.
its nowhere near the valve and its not exactly close to the edge of the tyre either, so i reckon itll be reet for repair:rolleyes:
  Clio Dynamique
I've got a nail and its in the the outer bit of tread and I was told they cannot repair it if its in that section but they can send it away for a major repair. Just gonna get a new tyre as its quite worn anyway.
  BMW M135i
I had this earlier in the week, new wheels + tyres on saturday. Irrepairable nail in one on monday, had to chuck a tyre with about 40 miles on it. Bugger :(.
unlucky mate, ive got it sorted anyway. two new tyres 57 quid cant complain when quick fit were askin for 36 quid each.