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nasty speedlines

  clio turbo
WP_20140412_002_zpsf39f1c03.jpgbefore the clean up and afterWP_20140412_003_zps38547639.jpg just need to paint them now. all 4 alloys are bad even on the inside of the wheel.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
When are you finishing the prep work? That wheel only looks half done?
  clio turbo
Yes i did finish the wheel of a bit better in the corners the poly disc could not get into. Rattle can is the way forward i dont want to spend mega bucks. Will do a bit of priming before i coat them.

I was thinking about stripping them down getting them blasted then powder coated i have done it a few times in the past but the time frame and faffing puts me off it. dont flame me but can get some decent bbs copys for 400 quid

They came on my car mate been left to long now blisterd all over.