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NCB and accidents dont match up on insurance certs.

My policy is TPFT, insured via Fluxdirect to markerstudy with 6 years NCB . In jan 2013 was involved in an accident.

... March 2013 policy was amended according to fluxdirect due to accident. Correspondent states fault of accident is pending.

The same day I get my cert of motor insurance by Markerstudy showing my 6 years NCB still with no protection yet also stating NCD affected and accident was my fault. My premium never went up.

.... fast forward to today and my policy has been renewed via fluxdirect to Highway. Ive had a correspondent from Fluxdirect stating I have 7 years NCB and showing a claim from the accident back in 2013, fault of accident still pending. My renewal price is £150 cheaper this year.

Today ive also had my new insurance cert through from Highway. On the cert it shows Markerstudys as my previous insurer with 7 years NCB with no protection. Yet it also states the accident back in 2013 was my fault and my NCD is affected.

Basically flux direct are aware of the accident and as far as they are concerend the status is still pending. Ive still got my NCB and my premium has gone down.
Yet both my old and new insurance certs show that the accident was my fault and that my NCD is affected.

.... so why are my NCB still showing up on my certificates when they state the accident was my fault and my NCD was affected and ive had no NCB protection. Also why according to flux direct is the accident status still pending yet on my certificate thats not reflected. Why is my premium cheaper this year? I am confused?
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Probably best to give them a call to double check. If your accident is pending recovery and you didnt have protected NCB it should reduce your NCB until the claim is settled.

The third party may of admitted liability so Fluxdirect may of honoured your NCB as they have an admission of liability from the TP and just pending recovery of costs.

A quick call to them should confirm.

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