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Need a new set of wheels! Recommendations?

Hi guys

I just spent £4830 on a clio 182 (including a years insurance and tax) The car needs 4 new wheels so I wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I don't want to do it on the cheap but I'd rather not spend £100+ on a wheel. Are there any decent wheels that are between £65-£80?


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I'd go with the hankooks, they've upped their game in recent years and have started producing not bad tyres.

The T1-Rs are fine, but nothing to write home about.
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Loool. I was going to say.... £100 per wheel is expensive???

Hankooks got my money. Great tyre.
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Rainsports are also very good. I have them on my car at the moment. I went for the Hankook's over the rainsports on my new wheels simply because they're better on track.

On road, both very capable. Not a lot to tell between them.

They're a tiny bit more expensive, but bare in mind blackcircles' prices include delivery and fitting at a garage of your choice :)