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Need a UCH!!

  renault clio cup 172
can any1 help on where to find a uch. i got a mechanic to look at it and he says thats whats wrong. my speedo stops working, the auto locking thing locks and unlockes several times when im driving, my radio works part time windscreen wipers stop sometimes :mad::mad:its soo nnoying. i need 1 asap but am very skint. anyone point me in the right direction. its also harder since i cant look in for sale section now :(


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Its specific to car.

Needs to be programmed to the car via Renault Clip Machine.

There about £250 (there abouts) Plus labour on fitting and prog.
Can be a costly one !!
  vers le haut doigt milieu
Its expensive to replace and to buy, if you haven't already get a full diagnostics print out done it should tell you where the problem exactly lies. U may be luck and its just doggy relays. Loads of Mechanics like to quote Universal Car Harnes for no good reason, its a scary word.
  renault clio cup 172
got the diagnostics and its the speed sensor that is away and also the air temp sensor. thats why the speedo isn working and windscreen wipers stop whilst driving. still not sure about radio tho


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was hoping i wouldn hear that :(. u think i could get mine fixed maybe. ahhhh french electrics

Naaa, they are a pcb (printed circuit board) and when they go wrong, you just chuck em and start again. As said around 250 for the part and a few ££ for fitting, then it needs coding in to the car