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Need another Stealth Shelf

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Now that the one Bass Monkeys fitted to my car has totally died, I need another that is hopefully better designed.

Mine had metal bars used for the pins to secure in plastic side trim. These eventually worked their way through the MDF so stopped locating the shelf as they should. Bottom board has now come apart with the allen head screws.

Are there better designed shelves and if so who by. Guess Auto Acoustics are different and better, anyone else?
  V70 d5 beast

what im doing to my clio is ive bought a brand new parcel shelf £20 from renault and im fitted 2 6x9 speakers, and covering it with some cloth, not sure why everyone is buying stealth shelfs out of mdf when you can use your orignal one?

because the original one ends up about an inch and half thick when you cut it and it flexs with speaker movement hence not giving 100% in other words its like saying.......... why buy a JL audio sub when you can get a sub for£20 down the local market!!

auto acoustics one is very very good, mines solid as a rock and has taken 2 years of tunes and still looks and feels like new.
i dont use the boot at all tho so it never gets touched!!
  BMW 328 Ci

My mate was trying to sell his auto aucustics stealth shelf with infinity 6x9s, mint con. Tell me if you are intrested and I will tell him about this thread.