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need help! (please) lol

  Clio 1.4 Fidji

i got a set of 19 16v leather seats for my clio and im having a hard time fitting them :( i know to change the runners on front seats, did that but one of the hex bolt thingies is rounded off, any ideas how to get it off??

I dont even know where to start with the rear seats, cant work it out at all :(

anyone done this before? is it poss to get the rears in?

thanks a lot :)
  Clio 1.4 Fidji

would do that but not accepting any new members, fronts are in no probs, back is peeing me off somthing shocking!! can no one tell me how to get them in im sitting here with a 2 seater clio at the min, i tried to join lastnight but not accepting new members and i dont have time to wait to they are accepting new mmbers again, then wait on membership to arrive
  Clio 1.4 Fidji

is there no way anyone could get the fitting guide for rear seats? i cant join to get to it yet untill they have moved to the new site and forum, the fronts are in its just the rears need done, please?

I just had a look at the guide for you and it seems that there is some cutting involved of the seat frames (it said about an inch either side), then you have to drill holes in the bottom of the seats where there are 2 screws in the car or something like that.

There are lots of pics with it too, so it cant really be copied across to here.
  Clio 1.4 Fidji

thanks a lot Guilbert :D it does sound complicated, ill have a look at it, but i think i would be better off waiting intill i can get membership incase i make a mess of it lol! fronts look sweet :cool: just cant wait to get backs in :D

I think that would be the best bet, as it does explain it reall well. And without pics you wouldnt know what i was talking about if i just cpoied it across.