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need help quick

on the way to work this morning my clutch cable snapped, ive just been trying to change it and am having serious problems. i disconnected it at the pedal, and at the gear box, no3w all that is left to do is remove the outer casing. this is the problem how the hell do you disconnect it, ive traced it throught the engine bay and sort off no where it comes into the car but i cant get it free. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Leon Cupra

Didnt even bother trying when mine snaped on my old valver its a b**ch to do, just took it to a local garage (i supplied the new cable) and they done it for £35 the guy at the garage said it was a B*****D.
  mk2 172

same here tim, but the best bit was id been for a drive came home and it snapped pulling onto my drive!, how lucky was that, not that its a lucky thing to happen mind.



  Shiny red R32

The guys at my local garage really HATE working on Clios, especially under the bonnet.