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need help ( will these fit )

  PHS 1 172 SILVER
right i need some help as i dont have a clue if these will fit my car?
this is what im after

and this is my car

i dont know if they are off the facelift 172 or my 172 as i emailed the bloke but no reply and time is running out

thanks for any help:)
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ClioSport Club Member
They are from a Mk2 Ph2 so not your Model but I believe it is a straight Swap,

Middo has them on his Mk2 Ph1
  PHS 1 172 SILVER
its missing the badge bits that says 2.0.? is that a problem.
i would like to see pic of it because i dont want to buy them and then they dont fit
They are off mk2ph2 defo, they do fit however with no/very little adjusments needed iirc.
Keep in mind there is no guarantee they are the same colour as your car?


ClioSport Club Member
Go to a Breakers Yard and Pick up a Set off any Mk2 Ph2 car if you are plannig on spraying them anyway
  PHS 1 172 SILVER
yer that would prob be best but i have already put a bid in so i prob see if they go for that, if not i know i can get them cheeper;)
just carnt wait for things lol i have bin waiting on my bucket seats for 3weeks and that pissing me off because i have everything else lol


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Just so you know, if you were to buy them brand new from Renault, with badges, you're talking £80 + vat and thats with staff discount. I bought some for my old 172 and then had to spend another £40 getting them painted.