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need help

Hi to all
I have cliosport mk2
i have superchip
and i have a problem
after i got the chip the rpmlimit was
7900 rpm
now when at 7k rpm it cut

please help me

Blimey 7900 rpm? that sounds a bit high for it.... Simons GroupN chip only does 7600rpm doesnt it?

Anyway off the subject...... Maybe its not getting warmed up enough? The normal chip will cut you early if it doesnt think its warmed yet, maybe a temp sensor somewhere is misbehaving?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Have you had a service lately? Maybe Renault have blown an upgrade into your ECU and overwritten the Superchip?
  Clio v6

Exactly like my Citroen dealer did and they sold me the chip with the car from new lol. I wasnt best pleased.

Are u sure the chip you got, definetly had a remap and limit change, where u get it from, also remember you can remap the ECU without needing to raise rpm limit, go back with it if not happy, watch them reprogram it.

Alex M
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah, mine - (according to renaultsport french blokey) - rev limits at 7600 rpm, but on the rev counter display it goes round to 7800/900 rpm, nearly 8000 rpm. Could be the warming up thing. When i had the standard chip it used to limit my revs even when the temp was half way up (normal). Limited my revs to 6800 and after a while would rise to 7250 rpm.

its worked in the past
im not going to limit to 7900
im in the 7600
its not like normal cut .
in the 7k its stuck and down to 6k
its not normal
im think the prob its the fuel

i reset the ecu
pumped the acclerator 5 times turned it off for 30 seconds, then started it
im think it fix the prob

now its working
the limit again in the 7900