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Need Some Help (ICE)

  307 diesel & 1.2 TCE Clio

Ive got the standard 182 audio system in at the mo. But it just lacks that little something. So i want to change the speakers, NOT the headunit. Can anyone recommend a good set of components for the doors, and some speakers for the rear. Im thinking Rockford Fosgate, but not to sure.

Also anyone know where to buy good quality speakers?



for a noticeable improvement syou will need to amp your speakers, which is not possible from a standard head unit.

if youre wanting to keep an oem look try a becker head unit, top quality and doesnt stand out.
  Audi A3 TDI 170 B.E.

No point in upgrding std speakers unless you are going to change the headunit IMOP

This has been posted b4 and people who upgrade the std speaker are not impressed ith the out come as theres not alot of improvement if any?

Do a search or follow the audio section at the homepage!