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need some help with bike carbs please

  LY 172
basicaly i have aquired a set of r6 bike carbs and want to run them on my 1.2 8v engine. i know i am going to need to make up a custom manifold but thats no problem. just need to know what else iam going to need to seT THEM UP AS PEOPLE HAVE MENTIONED HAVING TO GET A STANDALONE ECU ETC. BUT IM NOT SURE AS THE CARBS ARE CABLE THROTTLE.

thanks. sorry about all caps. Phone went mad
  260% JCW
My mates just done this to his Pug 106 Rally car.

He used R1 carbs, he kept the same injectors, but had to change the ECU, Parts of his loom and add sensors so the Ecu coud pick up what ever signals it needed. He also had to change the throttle cable and fabricate an adaptor for the inlet manifold. It was worth while for him in total it cost him 700 notes.

As for a 1.2 im not so sure. You can pick up 2nd hand 172 lumps for that on Ebay, or a stealers.
  LY 172
genral parts wont cost as i already have the carbs and i can make the manifold at work. would i need to change the ecu though? Or just get it remaped
  Clio 200 Cup
The carbs should "work" without any management at all - they are carbs. Jetting them to suit might be tricky, unless you can get jet sizes from somebody who has already done it.