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New 182 owner! ; )

  Clio 182
Had my 1st Renault about a week now and loving it! I love the big power and light weight.
I was shocked when i had a look around the boot yesterday and found a jack kit, Surprising as these have no spare wheel! Its quite heavy, so i took that straight out. I'm now wondering what else i can remove without losing any comfort?

The passenger underseat storage (anyone ever use that?)
The parcel shelf dosn't look heavy but it does rub.
I thought about the bonnet sound deadening, But think i'll leave it as its a noisey little beast as it is!

Im looking for anything useless that will get my weight down, Couldn't decide what section to post this in so added it here! Im sure its been discussed before so i'll have a quick search to. Mike
  182 Turbo Project
Don't bother mate. If your going to strip it, do it all, do it properly.

Talking from experience lol!
  Clio 182
Cheers for reply but whats the point of a jack when i only have 4 wheels? I use my car every day so im quite attached to my half leather seats and door cards!

Im not expecting massive performance increases but theres no point carrying around junk i'll never use, Would be nice to get down to cup weight! ;)

The RAC say decluttering your car can give a efficiency improvement of up to 2%, so hopefully if nothing else i can make the liquid gold last a little longer as they keep hiking up the prices!

Anyone explained how to remove the isofix bar? Pics?