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New 182 owner!

  Impreza Wagon

I'm not exactly new to the forum, I've been using a friends profile for weeks searching for a new car and I finally got one!

It's a Black 182 with both cup packs, 53k on the clock, FSH and belt change so exactly what I wanted.

I've not got any pics yet but will get some shortly when it's clean! Only thing missing is the cup splitter but a Skoda one is on order :)
  PH1 V6
Welcome to the club mate, posts some pics soon!

Good choice on the splitter, cheap as chips and looks as good as the oem one! Any other plans for it?
  Impreza Wagon
In the next few months I'll be looking for an aftermarket exhaust as close to oem looks as possible. Also start replacing engine mounts, ARB etc just to tighten up the handling. I'm very impressed with how it is standard but theres always room for improvement!

- Only pic I have at the mo