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New 206 RC

I have just been in one and oh my god does this thing shift.

I currently have a summer job at the Peugeot plant in Ryton.

I had seen a couple of these being checked over and tested.

Today at work someone I know was driving one around the plant so I jumped in.

It was difficult to really test it coz the speed limit on site is 10mph but we did give it a little welly and the thing just flew.

I spoke to a couple of the testers and they reckoned official times were 0-100kmh = 7secs and top speed of 220 kmh

What does this mean in mph anyone coz I am lazy and cant be bothered to work it out.

Oh yeah the one I was in was blue but I have seen a white one too, it is fully colour coded and has a nice twin round exhaust.

I think the engine is the same as the GTi tuned to 180 bhp


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, this would be the new "GTi 180" aka RC, that is on its way soon!

It is not simply the original car tuned up, it has a completely "new" 2.0 litre 16v VVT engine developing 186bhp @ fly linked to a 6-speed gearbox and has been developed in conjunction with Lotus, so will be superb!

They have also developed the chassis and suspension so the new car will be amazing and its how the car "should" have been originally.

Look here...

Me thinks Mr Peugeot got hacked off with the new breed of "super hatches" so the 172, CTR, etc... have got some competition.

The GTi 180 is rumoured to be under £15k, which is a very nice price, so imports will be a bargain!

Also, the other manufacturers want a slice of the pie and Vauxhall have a Corsa GSi Turbo in the pipeline and Ford have an ST150 Fiesta on its way, so things are hotting up in this neck of the woods.