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New car today

Well, the days finally arrived and Im really excited - Ive never had a brand new car before. I pick up my Monaco Blue 172 this afternoon. After what seems like a lifetime of waiting (just under 4 weeks) Im gonna get my grubby little mitts on it :D

Bit of a step up from my Diesel Xsara.

So, what do I do....... Should I let the engine run in for a bit before streatching its legs or do they come from the factory pre run-in?



I picked an identical car up a few weeks ago. I kept it below 3.5k until 625 miles then started to up the revs from there on. Ive almost covered 900 miles now, but Im still keeping it away from the high revs, most the time. Its so hard to do. I think having a Easy Renta car Yaris has helped calm me down.

If you search the forums there are various threads about running in and the pros and cons.

I read them all and spoke to a friend who rebuilds engines. His advice was what swung it. Its not just the engine, its the clutch and brakes. He gave me some odd chocolate analogy regarding tempering the clutch and discs!!! Kinda made sense so Ive kept it calm to start with.

You wont be disappointed with the car I can tell you. Just watch out for the rattling passenger seat after a week, then the external temperature gauge thinking its in Florida at around week 3!!!!!

Everyone who I speak to who is "in the know" about engines says that the ones that are thrashed from day one perform the best.

I used to think it was a myth too, but my trusted mechanic says he sees loads of 16vs - and the ones that have never been thrashed are slower.

You dont have to give the brakes a pasting (just accelerate hard on long straights) and the clutch will be OK (just dont do mega harsh changes and drive at 138mph all day!).

Oh, and change the oil at 1000 miles. ;)

mine seems to be a little sharper now at just over 10,000k than when I got it at 7,000k....or it could just be down to the fact that I am happier to rev higher, now that Ive got used to what it can do :devilish: :cool:!!!!!

I had the exhaust centre section replace due to the rattle only for it to appear again 2 weeks later. I put up with the rattle for about 6000 miles and I now do not have a rattle. Seems that the exhaust takes time for it to "bed" in as well.

Agree, thrash it. Did with mine and its fine (touchwood). Ill keep a look out round Abingdon for you tonight then!

Sangy: Yeah, Ive been seeing you most nights but Ive been very missable in the old Xsara, so Ill give you a nod when I see you again :)

Yeah, the blue was my fav. I prefer the cup blue, but this is still good.