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new center consol cover

i am wondering if it is possible to get a new cover for the center consol on a 04 clio dynamic 1.2? my mate has a corsa B and got hold of one easy and cheap, and it fitted relitivly easy as well. At the moment it is the normal black but i was wondering if you could get silver ones, or white? ive seen the stickers you can stick over to give it that effect but i can amagine it would look tacky and start to peel after a while.


  Chocolate Bar™

wouldnt use the stickers, because IMO they look really cheap and quite nasty (especially if theyre off centre)

if your going to do it though, id use a sheet of carbon fibre (which will be difficult to cut nicely, and will take some time)

otherwise, spray it. ill probably be doing mine soon, but arent 100% positive how it comes out as ive not looked.


Its held on by clips. Just get a flat end screwdriver and carefully prize it away from the dash. The clips are fragile so be careful